Jio 5G Set to Revolutionize India: Full Nationwide Coverage by December, Mukesh Ambani Announces at Reliance AGM 2023


Reliance Jio, the trailblazer in India’s telecommunications landscape, has been on a relentless journey of expansion and innovation. Since its inception seven years ago, the company has redefined the way Indians connect to the digital world. The latest chapter in this story is the ambitious rollout of Jio 5G, which aims to cover the entire expanse of India by December 2023. The recent Reliance AGM 2023, presided over by Mukesh Ambani, shed light on the incredible strides that Jio has taken and the rapid advancements in its 5G network.


Jio’s Unparalleled Growth: A Snapshot

Mukesh Ambani revealed that Jio currently boasts a staggering 450 million subscribers, securing its position as India’s largest telecom operator. This substantial user base has witnessed a remarkable 20% year-on-year growth, fueled by an average monthly data consumption of 25GB per user. With a strong foundation in place, Jio embarked on its 5G journey in October 2022, and it has already permeated 96% of the census towns in the country.


A Quantum Leap: Jio’s True 5G Expansion

The centerpiece of the announcement was the revelation that Jio’s True 5G network is poised to blanket the entirety of India by December 2023. This ambitious endeavor, spearheaded by Jio, is set to become the fastest-ever rollout of 5G on such a grand scale anywhere in the world. With an unmatched determination, Jio has positioned itself as the driving force behind India’s digital revolution.


Unveiling the Numbers Behind Jio’s 5G Journey


The numbers behind Jio’s 5G expansion are truly staggering:


Jio handles an astonishing monthly data traffic of 1,100GB, a testament to its enormous user base and network efficiency.
Jio 5G has already made its presence felt in 96% of India’s census towns, solidifying its nationwide footprint.
A remarkable 85% of the total 5G cells in India operate under Jio’s umbrella, underscoring its dominance in the realm of next-gen connectivity.
Jio is setting a blistering pace by adding one 5G cell to its network every 10 seconds.
By December 2023, a whopping 1 million 5G cells are projected to be operational, a testament to Jio’s unparalleled infrastructure development.


Jio’s Proprietary Innovations

Jio’s commitment to seamless connectivity is further highlighted by its deployment of low-power small cells. These cells have been strategically placed in high-consumption areas such as tourist destinations and temples, ensuring a robust network experience for users. This innovative approach exemplifies Jio’s dedication to delivering exceptional service even in challenging environments.


A Magnet for Consumers: Jio’s 5G Adoption

The allure of Jio’s 5G network has garnered an impressive 50 million customers, a testament to the company’s reputation for reliability and innovation. High-paying customers are increasingly choosing Jio as their preferred network provider, drawn by the promise of cutting-edge connectivity.


A Proudly Homegrown Initiative

Mukesh Ambani emphasized that Jio’s 5G rollout is powered by a 100% in-house developed 5G stack, a remarkable achievement that highlights India’s indigenous technological capabilities. As the nation embraces the digital age, Jio stands as a symbol of progress and innovation, redefining the possibilities of connectivity for every Indian.

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