Unveiling the OnePlus Open: A Foldable Phone Built to Last with a Remarkable 10-Year, 400,000 Fold Rating


Foldable phones have captured the tech world’s imagination, promising innovative designs and enhanced functionality. As the anticipation for OnePlus‘ first-ever foldable device grows, recent revelations shed light on a crucial aspect of its durability. With an industry-wide push for increased quality standards, OnePlus aims to ensure that its foldable phone, known as the OnePlus Open, stands the test of time.


Google’s Hardware Quality Standards and Foldable Phones

In the ever-evolving landscape of smartphones, competition is fierce, and innovation is relentless. Foldable phones represent a significant leap forward in design and user experience. However, their intricate mechanics and folding mechanisms necessitate rigorous quality control to guarantee longevity. Google recently announced its intention to enforce hardware quality standards for all brands producing foldable devices. The objective is to establish a benchmark for durability, ensuring that foldable phones remain functional over an extended period.


The Significance of Fold Cycles

Foldable phones hinge on their folding mechanism, which is at the heart of their functionality. Manufacturers often quantify the lifespan of their devices through the concept of fold cycles. This metric indicates how many times a phone can be folded and unfolded before potential wear and tear become significant. For instance, industry leaders like Samsung claim a fold cycle rating of 200,000 for their Galaxy Z devices. Similarly, OPPO boasts a lifespan of 400,000 folds for their devices, emphasizing the importance of longevity.


#OnePlusOpen has apparently been put through a lot of testing. You can open and close it for at least 400.000 times which is equivalent to like 100 folds a day for up to 10 years

— Max Jambor (@MaxJmb) August 29, 2023


OnePlus Open’s Promising Longevity

In the realm of foldable phones, OnePlus is gearing up to make its mark with the OnePlus Open. Renowned tipster Max Jambor recently shared insights into the OnePlus Open’s durability. According to Jambor, extensive testing has revealed that the device can withstand an impressive 400,000 fold cycles. This translates to around 100 folds every day for a remarkable span of 10 years. While this number showcases OnePlus’ commitment to durability, it’s essential to note that the fold cycle rating doesn’t provide a complete picture of the device’s robustness.


An Unveiling on the Horizon

The OnePlus Open is poised to make its debut in the third quarter of this year, raising anticipation among tech enthusiasts. Leaked renders have offered a glimpse of the device’s design, featuring a compact form factor, an expanded aspect ratio, and a distinctive circular camera module on the rear. Rumors abound regarding its features, with expectations of a periscope camera lens, quad speakers, and the signature OnePlus alert slider.


Key Specifications and Features

Under the hood, the OnePlus Open is rumored to house a 7.8-inch 2K internal display with an impressive 120Hz refresh rate. It’s expected to be powered by the robust Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC, paired with a substantial 16GB RAM and ample 256GB storage. A powerful 4,800mAh battery unit is anticipated to fuel the device, bolstered by the convenience of 67W fast charging.


As the tech world eagerly awaits the arrival of the OnePlus Open, its fold cycle rating of 400,000 promises a device that can weather the test of time. However, real-world usage and the device’s overall build quality will ultimately determine its durability and ability to stand up to the rigors of daily life.

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