WhatsApp Introduces Multi-Account Feature and Revamped Settings Interface for Android Users


WhatsApp is set to make it easier for users to manage multiple accounts on a single Android device. In a new update, WhatsApp is testing a feature that allows users to add different accounts to the same device without the need for parallel or cloned apps. This feature responds to frequent user requests and aims to streamline the multi-account experience.


Redesigned Settings Interface for Improved Navigation

Alongside the multi-account feature, WhatsApp is introducing a redesigned settings interface. This update promises a more modern and user-friendly navigation experience within the app. Additionally, WhatsApp is enhancing user access to the settings with a redesigned profile tab integrated directly into the chat list.


Enhanced Separation of Conversations

WhatsApp’s multi-account feature ensures that conversations and notifications from different accounts remain distinct and separate. Currently, users can add only one extra account to their WhatsApp app, but this limitation is expected to evolve in future updates.


Who Can Access the Update?

The new update, identified as WhatsApp beta for Android, is currently available to WhatsApp’s Android beta testers. It is anticipated to be rolled out to a wider user base in the near future. Users on the public version of WhatsApp for Android may have to wait for the feature to be included in a stable release. However, an alternative option for early access is to sign up as a beta tester.


In related developments, WhatsApp recently introduced a feature that allows community administrators to exercise greater control over who can add members to their communities, enhancing community management capabilities.

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