Paytm Revolutionizes Merchant Payments with Paytm Card Soundbox: A Game-Changer for Small Businesses


Paytm, India’s leading digital payments platform, has introduced the Paytm Card Soundbox, a groundbreaking device that is set to transform the way merchants accept payments. This innovative product empowers merchants to effortlessly process mobile and card payments, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and RuPay, through the Paytm Soundbox.


Elevating Merchant Convenience

The Paytm Card Soundbox is poised to be a game-changer for businesses across India. It not only simplifies card payments but also offers audio-based transaction confirmations through the Paytm Soundbox. Building on the success of previous Soundbox variants like Paytm Pocket Soundbox and Paytm Music Soundbox, this new addition further enhances the convenience factor for merchants.


Addressing Crucial Merchant Needs

This ingenious device tackles two critical challenges faced by merchants: the acceptance of card payments and the receipt of instant audio alerts for all transactions. Effectively merging the functionality of a point-of-sale (POS) unit, a UPI QR code card, and a transaction-confirming soundbox, Paytm Card Soundbox aims to become the go-to payment method for businesses.


Key Features:


Built-in “Tap and Pay” Capability:

The device facilitates card payments of up to ₹5,000 with a simple tap.


Swift Connectivity:

Powered by a 4G network, it ensures rapid payment alerts.


Crystal Clear Audio:

Equipped with a 4W speaker, it delivers clear and audible payment alerts.


Extended Battery Life:

With a battery life of up to five days, merchants can rely on uninterrupted service.


Multilingual Alerts:

Offers transaction alerts in 11 languages, customizable by merchants through the Paytm for Business app.


NFC Compatibility:

NFC-enabled smartphones can use the tap feature for seamless payments.


Empowering Small Businesses

Vijay Shekhar Sharma, the Founder & CEO of Paytm, underscored the company’s dedication to addressing payment and financial service challenges faced by India’s small businesses. He emphasized that the Paytm Card Soundbox represents a significant step towards bridging the gap between mobile and card payments. It offers a straightforward and efficient solution that empowers merchants to thrive in the digital era.


This innovative product marks another milestone in Paytm’s journey to revolutionize digital payments and empower businesses, reaffirming its position as a pioneer in India’s digital payments landscape. Stay tuned for more updates on how the Paytm Card Soundbox is set to transform the payment ecosystem for merchants across the country.

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