Xiaomi Watch S3 Tipped: 4G Connectivity, Adaptive Refresh Rate, and Enhanced Battery Await!


Xiaomi’s smartwatch lineup is about to get a significant upgrade with the upcoming Xiaomi Watch S3. Following the tradition of unveiling flagship smartwatches in December, Xiaomi is gearing up to launch the Watch S3, the successor to the Watch S2, which arrived in December last year. A reliable Chinese tipster, Digital Chat Station, has spilled the beans on key features of the Xiaomi Watch S3 via Weibo.


Xiaomi Watch S3 Features: What We Know So Far

Here’s a sneak peek at what to expect from the Xiaomi Watch S3:


Striking Design:

The Xiaomi Watch S3 is set to feature a large dial and an OLED display, promising a visually appealing design.


Adaptive Refresh Rate:

Xiaomi is planning to incorporate an adaptive refresh rate into the smartwatch, optimizing battery life without compromising performance.


Robust Battery:

The Watch S3 is expected to house a 520mAh battery, a slight upgrade from its predecessor’s 500mAh cell. This enhancement should provide users with extended usage between charges.


4G Connectivity:

Xiaomi’s upcoming smartwatch is making a leap in connectivity by supporting 4G LTE. This addition allows for native voice calls and integration with WeChat, enhancing its usability.


Health and Fitness:

Xiaomi is catering to health enthusiasts with features like a heart-rate monitor, SpO2 sensor, and support for various sports modes. These capabilities will help users track their fitness and well-being more effectively.


Chipset Details:

While the chipset specifics have yet to be revealed, Digital Chat Station has promised to share more information about the Watch S3’s processor in the coming days.


Launch Date:

According to DCS, the Xiaomi Watch S3 is slated to launch in November, coinciding with the release of the next-generation flagship Xiaomi 14 series smartphones. These smartphones are typically unveiled in December following Qualcomm’s announcement of its flagship Snapdragon processor in October or November.

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