Gazelle Eclipse C380 and T11 HMB Electric Bikes: Powerful Bosch Motors and Long-Range Batteries


Gazelle, a trailblazer in the world of cycling, is set to make waves in Europe with its latest offerings – the Gazelle Eclipse C380 and T11 HMB electric bikes. These two e-bikes are poised to redefine the way we ride, combining impressive technology, design, and performance. Let’s delve into what makes them so special.


Unmatched Range and Battery Power

One of the standout features of the Gazelle Eclipse C380 and T11 HMB e-bikes is their extraordinary range. With the inclusion of a robust 750Wh battery and the potent Bosch Performance Line CX motors, these bikes can cover astonishing distances of up to 135 kilometers on a single charge. Say goodbye to range anxiety and hello to extended, worry-free rides.


Pure Performance

Both e-bike models are equipped with the formidable mid-mounted Bosch Performance Line CX motor, known for its exceptional performance, boasting a maximum torque of 85Nm. The Gazelle Eclipse C380 offers a groundbreaking Enviolo Trekking Manual stepless gear system, ensuring a smooth and intuitive riding experience. On the other hand, the T11 HMB features an 11-speed Shimano Deore XT system, providing riders with versatility across various terrains.


Elegance Meets Versatility in Design

Gazelle offers riders the freedom to choose between step-through and stepover frame designs for the C380 and T11 HMB models, ensuring a comfortable fit for every rider. Both bikes feature a front lockout suspension fork with 75mm of travel, delivering a plush ride even on rough surfaces. The 60mm wide 27.5-inch Schwalbe tires provide exceptional grip, making these e-bikes suitable for adventures on various terrains.


Safety and Security at the Forefront

For enhanced safety and security, hydraulic disc brakes provide precise stopping power, allowing riders to stay in control even during challenging situations. Gazelle has gone the extra mile by incorporating a GPS sensor into these models, offering a way to track your bike in the unfortunate event of loss or theft.


Stay Informed with Bosch Kiox 300 Display

Both e-bikes are equipped with the Bosch Kiox 300 display, offering riders essential information such as speed and distance covered. To elevate the riding experience further, Gazelle presents the Gazelle Connect app, giving riders access to a wealth of ride statistics right at their fingertips.


Pricing and Availability

Available in the sleek Anthracite Gray color, the Gazelle Eclipse C380 and T11 HMB also offer additional color options – Metallic Orange for the C380 and Thyme Green for the T111. The Gazelle Eclipse C380 is competitively priced at €5,999, while the Gazelle T11 is affordably priced at €5,499. As a bonus, both e-bikes come with a 1-year damage insurance policy, ensuring peace of mind for riders.


Gazelle’s commitment to innovation and sustainability shines through in the Gazelle Eclipse C380 and T11 HMB. Whether you’re commuting to work or embarking on a thrilling adventure, these e-bikes promise an exceptional and eco-friendly ride every time.


Specifications (for reference):


Motor: Bosch Performance Line CX


Maximum Torque: 85Nm


Battery Capacity: 750Wh


Maximum Range: Up to 135km


Frame Options: Step-through and stepover


Suspension: Front lockout suspension fork (75mm travel)


Tire Size: 27.5 inches (60mm wide)


Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes


Display: Bosch Kiox 300


Additional Features: GPS sensor for bike tracking


Price: Gazelle Eclipse C380 – €5,999, Gazelle T11 HMB – €5,499


Insurance: 1-year damage insurance included

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