Instagram Testing ‘Close Friends’ Feed Post Sharing Feature for More Personal Sharing: A Potential Rival to Stories and DMs


In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, platforms like Instagram are constantly seeking innovative ways to cater to user preferences. One such development is the testing of the ‘Close Friends‘ feature, designed to provide users with a more private and personalized sharing experience.


A Response to User Needs

The concept of sharing posts exclusively with a select group of friends has been a recurring theme in the digital age. People often have different circles of friends, ranging from close confidants to acquaintances. Recognizing this, Instagram’s ‘Close Friends’ feature aims to address the desire for more intimate and tailored interactions within the platform.


Enhancing User Interactions

Digital media marketing instructor Lia Haberman pointed out the potential of this feature to shift user engagement away from Instagram Stories and direct messages (DMs). By creating a dedicated ‘Close Friends’ feed, Instagram seeks to offer a streamlined and engaging experience for those wishing to share personal moments with their closest connections.


Global Testing and User Reception

While the ‘Close Friends’ feature is currently being tested in select countries, the full extent of its global availability remains uncertain. The phased rollout allows Instagram to gather user feedback and refine the feature before a broader launch.


Reducing the Need for Multiple Accounts

A notable implication of this feature is its potential to reduce the prevalence of users maintaining multiple Instagram accounts. Many users resort to creating alternate profiles solely for interactions with close friends, creating an inconvenience for themselves and their contacts. With the ‘Close Friends’ feature, Instagram aims to simplify this process by offering a more intuitive and controlled way to share content privately.


Towards Longer Reels

In addition to the ‘Close Friends’ feature, Instagram is also exploring an extension of the video length for Reels. While still shorter than the offerings of competitors like YouTube, this move reflects Instagram’s commitment to diversifying its content options. With the possibility of recording videos up to 10 minutes in length, Instagram users may find the platform more accommodating for sharing various forms of content.


As Instagram continues to experiment and evolve, users can look forward to a platform that caters to their diverse needs and preferences. Whether it’s fostering closer connections with friends or providing more versatile content creation tools, Instagram aims to remain at the forefront of the social media landscape.

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