Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro European Pricing: Leaked Details Ahead of Official Launch


As the eagerly awaited launch of the Google Pixel 8 series approaches, tech enthusiasts are in for a sneak peek at the expected pricing for the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro in the European market. The official unveiling is set for October 4, 2023, but a recent leak has provided insights into the pricing details, giving consumers a glimpse of what’s to come.


Google Pixel 8 & Pixel 8 Pro: Pricing Insights

For those who have been eagerly anticipating the next wave of Google’s flagship smartphones, the Pixel 8 series promises a host of enhancements and innovations. As the successors of the Pixel 7 lineup, these devices are poised to deliver an elevated Android smartphone experience.


A recent report from Dealabs Magazine has unveiled the pricing details for the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, offering a tantalizing preview of what’s in store. According to the leak, the Pixel 8 Pro will be available in three distinct storage configurations, catering to a range of user needs:


128GB Model: Ideal for users seeking ample storage for apps, photos, and data.


256GB Model: A step up in storage capacity, perfect for those who require extra space for their digital content.


512GB Model: Designed for power users and individuals with extensive storage demands, ensuring space is never a concern.


Meanwhile, the Pixel 8 will launch in two storage configurations:


128GB Model: The base model provides substantial storage.


256GB Model: Offering additional storage capacity for users’ needs.


Pricing Details for European Markets

As for pricing, here’s what prospective buyers in Europe can expect:


Google Pixel 8 (128GB): Starting at 799 euros.


Google Pixel 8 (256GB): Priced at 859 euros.


For the Pixel 8 Pro:


Google Pixel 8 Pro (128GB): Starting at 1,099 euros.


Google Pixel 8 Pro (256GB): Priced at 1,159 euros.


Google Pixel 8 Pro (512GB): The top-end model, available for 1,299 euros.


These pricing details align with previous reports, suggesting consistency in expectations for the European market.


A Palette of Colors and Options

The Pixel 8 series is anticipated to launch in multiple color variants, offering users a touch of personalization. The Pixel 8 Pro is set to dazzle in Bay, Obsidian, Porcelain, and Mint options, while the standard Pixel 8 will be available in a Pinkish Rose variant alongside rumored black and grey/green versions.


It’s important to note that this information, while exciting, is based on an unconfirmed report. As with all leaks, a dose of caution is advised until official announcements are made. Nevertheless, the pricing insights provide a glimpse into what Google has in store for its European audience, building anticipation for the official launch in October.

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