Xiaomi MIJIA Water Purifier Q800G Launched: Price, Advanced Specifications, Availability, and More


Xiaomi has introduced its latest innovation in the realm of smart home devices with the launch of the MIJIA Water Purifier Q800G in China. This new water purifier combines a 2-in-1 purification system with the convenience of instant heating, making it a versatile addition to any home.


Dual-Functionality: Purification and Heating

The MIJIA Water Purifier Q800G is designed to offer a comprehensive solution for clean and hot water needs. It features a 2-in-1 purification system that ensures the water delivered is not only hot but also filtered and safe for consumption.


Customizable Heating Modes

One of the standout features of this water purifier is its range of heating modes. Users can choose from various options, including normal temperature, milk, coffee, and boiling water modes, allowing for precise control over the water temperature, which can range from 25ºC to 95ºC. The MIJIA app provides additional flexibility by enabling users to adjust water temperature and volume for each mode. Moreover, two custom modes can be fine-tuned to meet specific preferences with 1ºC increments.


User-Friendly Touchscreen Display

The MIJIA Water Purifier Q800G features a touchscreen digital display that provides real-time information about water quality and the filter element’s condition. Users can easily monitor and adjust water temperature and output directly from the touchscreen interface.


Enhanced Filter Element Design

This water purifier incorporates an improved main RO filter element and an auxiliary RO filter element circulation fine filtration design. Compared to its predecessor, this filter element boasts an extended lifespan of up to 150%. The machine also increases the ratio of pure wastewater by 50% and supports anti-clogging separation, further enhancing its efficiency.


Sustainable Water Usage

The MIJIA Water Purifier Q800G can deliver an impressive 2.15 liters of water flow per minute. Additionally, it utilizes wastewater for other household tasks such as dishwashing or floor mopping, reducing water wastage and promoting sustainability.


Pricing and Availability

In China, the Xiaomi MIJIA Water Purifier Q800G is priced at 2,899 yuan (approximately $368). It is available for purchase on various online retail platforms, including JD.com. While it’s currently available in China, there is no information available regarding its availability in international markets.


With its advanced purification capabilities, customizable heating options, and user-friendly features, the MIJIA Water Purifier Q800G demonstrates Xiaomi’s commitment to providing innovative solutions for modern homes.

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