boAt Lunar Vista Smartwatch Launched with Impressive Specs, Affordable Price, and Availability Details


In the ever-evolving world of wearable technology, boAt, a brand synonymous with innovation, has once again captured our attention with the launch of the boAt Lunar Vista smartwatch. Following the successful debut of the boAt Wave Elevate smartwatch, the brand is back with a device that seamlessly blends form and function, all while introducing the highly-anticipated Bluetooth calling feature. Let’s delve into the product specifications of this remarkable smartwatch.


Display and Customization

At the heart of the boAt Lunar Vista lies its captivating 1.52-inch HD screen. This stunning display guarantees exceptional clarity, even under the harsh glare of the sun. What sets this smartwatch apart is its remarkable customizability, offering users a selection of over 100 unique watch faces. Personalizing your smartwatch to match your style has never been easier, and with the inclusion of an intuitive rotating button, navigating through its interface is both effortless and enjoyable.


Revolutionizing Communication

One of the standout features of the boAt Lunar Vista is its capability to make phone calls via Bluetooth. This transformative feature is empowered by a high-quality microphone and a user-friendly dial pad, allowing you to conveniently store up to 10 contacts for swift and hassle-free calling. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or an active individual, this versatile smartwatch provides you with an extensive array of over 100 sports modes, catering to your diverse needs.


Comprehensive Health Monitoring

For those who prioritize their health, the boAt Lunar Vista is a reliable companion. It continuously tracks your heart rate, monitors your blood oxygen level (SpO2), and keeps tabs on your daily activity, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of your well-being. Furthermore, it offers valuable insights into your menstrual cycle and guides you through rejuvenating deep breathing exercises. With its sedentary reminders and smartphone camera control, the smartwatch is your go-to companion for a healthier lifestyle.


Impressive Battery Life

When it comes to battery life, the boAt Lunar Vista excels. It boasts a robust battery that can power the smartwatch for up to an entire week on a single charge. Even if you find yourself engaged in extensive calls, you can rely on the smartwatch to provide approximately 2 days of usage before needing a recharge.


Pricing and Availability

The boAt Lunar Vista smartwatch is attractively priced at just Rs. 1,999, making it an accessible choice for tech enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals alike. It is available in a range of captivating colors, including Grey, Blue, Green, and Black with a metallic strap. Starting from September 12th at 12 PM, you can conveniently purchase this cutting-edge smartwatch on


In summary, the boAt Lunar Vista smartwatch not only boasts a stylish design but also delivers exceptional functionality. With its striking display, Bluetooth calling capabilities, comprehensive health monitoring features, and impressive battery life, it represents the future of smartwatches. Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your daily routine with this innovative device. Mark your calendar for September 12th, and be among the first to experience the boAt Lunar Vista.

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