Exclusive Leak: Samsung Galaxy Buds FE User Manual Reveals Design and Features


Samsung fans eagerly anticipating the Galaxy Buds FE (Fan Edition) can get a sneak peek at the upcoming earbuds, thanks to a leaked user manual. This leak offers valuable insights into the design, features, and specifications of the Galaxy Buds FE, positioning them as an affordable alternative to the Pro models.


Unpacking the Galaxy Buds FE

Amidst speculations about the absence of the Galaxy Buds 3 during Samsung’s recent Unpacked event, rumors emerged about the Galaxy Buds FE. This Fan Edition model is part of Samsung’s broader “FE” lineup, which may encompass devices like the Galaxy Tab S9 series, Galaxy S23, and a potential foldable smartphone. The leaked user manual suggests that the Galaxy Buds FE’s official launch is drawing near.


Design and Features

The user manual provides a detailed look at the Galaxy Buds FE’s design, resembling the original Galaxy Buds, complete with winged tips for a secure fit. Notably, both earbuds feature touch controls, enabling users to manage music playback, answer or reject calls, and even customize touch commands for each earbud.


Charging Case and Connectivity

Staying true to the design language seen in other Galaxy Buds models, the charging case for the Galaxy Buds FE adopts a familiar aesthetic, akin to the Galaxy Buds 2, with its classic black and white color scheme. The case boasts a USB Type-C port for convenient charging and includes LED indicators to provide insight into the battery’s status.


Advanced Features

The Galaxy Buds FE will come equipped with sought-after features, including active noise cancellation (ANC) and an ambient sound mode. Users can easily activate these features using the earbuds’ touch controls, allowing for a personalized audio experience. Additionally, the Galaxy Buds FE is expected to support Bixby, Samsung’s virtual assistant, facilitating hands-free interaction.


Key Specifications

While the leaked user manual focuses on design and features, it also provides some key specifications for the Galaxy Buds FE:


Display: The earbuds will feature a high-resolution OLED display.


Processor: They will be powered by advanced processing technology.


RAM: The Galaxy Buds FE will offer ample RAM for smooth performance.


Graphics: Integrated graphics will be included for enhanced visuals.


Affordable Premium Audio

As part of the “Fan Edition” lineup, the Galaxy Buds FE aims to offer a budget-friendly alternative to the premium Pro models, ensuring that quality audio experiences are accessible to a wider audience. With the leaked user manual shedding light on the earbuds’ design and capabilities, Samsung fans can anticipate an attractive audio solution that strikes a balance between affordability and advanced features.


In summary, the leaked user manual for the Samsung Galaxy Buds FE has unveiled its design, features, and select specifications. As Samsung prepares for the official release of the Galaxy Buds FE, consumers can look forward to a compelling audio option that brings together affordability and premium sound quality. Stay tuned for more details on its official launch.

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