Xiaomi Unveils Four MIJIA Electric Heaters in China, Including Graphene Models, Starting at Just $27


Xiaomi continues to expand its product offerings, and this time, it’s all about keeping you warm and cozy during the chilly season. The company has introduced a quartet of electric heaters under its MIJIA brand in China. Let’s take a closer look at each of these heaters, along with their key specifications:


1. Xiaomi MIJIA Baseboard Electric Heater 2:


Heating Power: 2200W


Speed Levels: 1100W and 2200W


Instant Heating: Provides quick warmth within seconds


Waterproof: Comes with IPX4 waterproof protection


Versatile: Can be used for drying clothes


2. Xiaomi MIJIA Graphene Baseboard Electric Heater 2:


Efficient Heat Dissipation: Equipped with graphene materials for superior heat dissipation


Display: Features a digital LED screen


Smart Control: Supports intelligent temperature control via the MIJIA app and voice commands through Xiaoai


Versatility: Can be used for both heating and clothes drying


3. Xiaomi MIJIA Heater:


Heating Power: 2000W


Wide-Angle Air Supply: Offers a 70-degree wide-angle swing head for efficient air distribution


Dual Functionality: Suitable for heating and clothes drying


4. Xiaomi MIJIA Graphene Air Heater:


Smart Control: Supports intelligent voice control through the MIJIA app


Remote Operation: Allows you to turn the heater on/off, set timers, adjust the temperature, and activate child lock for added safety


Pricing and Availability:

These innovative MIJIA electric heaters are now available in China at an affordable starting price of just 199 yuan (approximately $27). However, there’s no official confirmation regarding their availability in international markets at this time.


With their smart features, efficient heating, and budget-friendly pricing, Xiaomi’s electric heaters are poised to keep homes warm and comfortable during the colder months. Whether you’re looking to heat a room or dry your laundry, these devices offer versatile solutions to meet your needs. Stay tuned for potential global availability announcements to enjoy the warmth of Xiaomi’s smart heaters in your home.

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