Exciting Upgrades Revealed for DJI Mini 4 Pro: OcuSync 4.0, 48MP Camera, and More!


Drone enthusiasts, get ready to take flight with the forthcoming DJI Mini 4 Pro, an exciting addition to DJI’s lineup. Although DJI has yet to confirm the existence of this eagerly anticipated drone, leaks are shedding light on what promises to be a game-changing release.


The latest leak, courtesy of @quadro_news, reveals the DJI Mini 4 Pro alongside the RC 2 controller, providing compelling evidence of its impending launch. Notably, this leak unveils that the Mini 4 Pro will incorporate OcuSync 4.0 image transmission technology, setting it apart from its predecessor, the Mini 3 Pro.


And here is the last picture of the drone and packaging for today. Thanks to my dear readers who help me in my work.#dji #djimini4pro pic.twitter.com/Rz4Czn8jt5

— Igor Bogdanov (@Quadro_News) September 14, 2023


OcuSync 4.0, initially introduced with the DJI Air 3, signifies a leap forward in image transmission capabilities. With a potential range of up to 20 kilometers and support for 1080p peak resolution, users can expect to fly the Mini 4 Pro to greater distances while enjoying rock-solid video transmission.


The excitement doesn’t stop there. The Mini 4 Pro is rumored to feature 360-degree obstacle detection, enhancing safety and control during flights. Additionally, the drone is expected to house an advanced camera sensor capable of delivering HDR video and slow-motion recordings at stunning 4K resolution and up to 100 frames per second.


Camera enthusiasts will be delighted to hear that the Mini 4 Pro is poised to sport a 48-megapixel camera, a significant upgrade from its predecessor’s 12-megapixel counterpart. The camera’s f/1.7 aperture further enhances its capabilities, enabling exceptional performance even in low-light conditions.


Accompanying the leaked photos is an intriguing European pricing list, hinting that the Mini 4 Pro may come at a slightly higher price point than its predecessor, yet remain an accessible option for drone enthusiasts.


Although DJI has not officially confirmed the Mini 4 Pro’s release, the mounting evidence from leaks suggests that a remarkable addition to the DJI Mini series is on the horizon. Stay tuned for official announcements from DJI as anticipation builds for this groundbreaking drone.

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