Exclusive Deal: iPhone 15 Available at Just Rs 48,900 with Trade-In and Cashback Offers in India


The highly-anticipated iPhone 15 is set to hit the Indian market on September 22, starting at a base price of Rs 79,900. However, for savvy shoppers, there’s an opportunity to snag this flagship device at an incredible effective price of just Rs 48,900 through India iStore. While this offer might sound too good to be true, it comes with certain terms and conditions. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of how you can take advantage of these exclusive discounts and trade-in deals to score the iPhone 15 at an unbeatable price.


iPhone 15: Pricing Across Platforms

Across all major platforms, the pricing for the iPhone 15 remains consistent. The base model with 128GB of storage is available for Rs 79,900, while the 256GB variant is priced at Rs 89,900. For those seeking the utmost storage capacity, the 512GB version can be yours for Rs 1,09,900.


Unlocking the India iStore Deal

India iStore, Apple’s authorized offline retailer, is offering the iPhone 15 at a significant discount. However, to access this deal, there are several steps involved:


HDFC Bank Offer: When you purchase the iPhone 15 via India iStore and use an HDFC Bank debit or credit card for payment, you’ll instantly receive a cashback of Rs 5,000. This reduces the initial price to Rs 74,900.


iPhone 12 Trade-in Offer: If you currently own an iPhone 12, you can avail an additional discount of Rs 20,000 as part of the trade-in offer. It’s essential to ensure that your iPhone 12 is in good condition to qualify for this discount.


Extra Exchange Bonus: On top of the iPhone 12 trade-in discount, there’s an extra exchange bonus of Rs 6,000. When combined with the trade-in offer, the price of the iPhone 15 effectively drops to an astonishing Rs 48,900.


This exclusive offer will be accessible starting from the iPhone 15’s release date on September 22.


Don’t Own an iPhone 12? No Worries!

Even if you don’t own an iPhone 12, there’s still a way to secure discounts on the iPhone 15. You can check the exchange price for your current iPhone or Android smartphone on Cashify or the official India iStore website to determine the discount you’re eligible for. It’s important to note that the HDFC Bank offer is also available through Apple’s online and offline stores.


For those who don’t have an iPhone 12, Apple’s online platform claims that trade-in discounts can range from Rs 2,000 to Rs 67,800, depending on the age and condition of your old phone.


To ensure you get the best deal on the latest iPhone 15, we recommend comparing all the available discounts and exchange offers across different platforms. With the right strategy, you can make substantial savings on Apple’s newest flagship smartphone.

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