Micron Technology and Tata Projects Break Ground on $2.75 Billion Semiconductor Plant in Gujarat, India


Micron Technology has initiated the construction of a semiconductor assembly and test facility in Sanand, Gujarat, India, in collaboration with Tata Projects. This project, supported by the Indian government, represents a significant investment of $2.75 billion. The groundbreaking ceremony took place in the Sanand industrial area of Gujarat.


Key Highlights:


Investment Commitment: Micron Technology has pledged to invest up to $825 million in building the semiconductor assembly and test facility in India. Approximately 50% of the total cost will be covered by the central government, while the state government will provide 20% of the cost through various incentives.


Strategic Partnership: The collaboration between Micron Technology and Tata Projects aims to establish a state-of-the-art semiconductor testing and packaging plant. The facility will be built in two phases and is expected to create around 5,000 direct jobs and 15,000 community job opportunities over the next five years.


Timelines: The new manufacturing site, covering 1.4 million square feet and including 500,000 square feet of clean room space, is expected to be completed by the end of 2024. Operations are slated to begin by that time.


Semiconductor Focus: The facility will focus on the Assembly, Test, Marking, and Packaging (ATMP) of semiconductor components. It represents a significant step in developing India’s semiconductor manufacturing capabilities.


Green Initiatives: The Sanand factory will be designed in accordance with LEED Gold Standards of the Green Building Council, integrating advanced water-saving technologies.


Government Support: The Indian government’s support for this project is aligned with its goal of bolstering the semiconductor ecosystem in the country and reducing dependency on imports.


Speed and Progress: The construction project’s swift initiation, within 90 days of the agreement, demonstrates the collaborative efforts of the central and state governments in facilitating industrial growth.


Semiconductor Vision: The project aligns with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s semiconductor vision and his commitment to invest in India’s semiconductor industry.


Digital Economy Growth: The project is expected to contribute significantly to India’s digital economy, helping it achieve the target of becoming 20% of GDP in the coming years.


Infrastructure Development: Union Minister of Railways Ashwini Vaishnaw announced plans for a “world-class” train connecting the industrial hubs of Sanand and Ahmedabad, further enhancing the region’s infrastructure.


This partnership and investment mark a significant step toward establishing a robust semiconductor ecosystem in India, contributing to the nation’s technological growth and self-reliance in this critical industry.

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