Revving up Innovation: TVS Racing Launches India’s First Electric Motorcycle Racing Championship


TVS Racing, the esteemed racing division of TVS Motor Company, a prominent Indian motorcycle manufacturer, is set to make waves in the world of motorsports with its latest venture. Introducing the TVS Racing Electric One Make Championship (e-OMC), a groundbreaking move that marks India’s entry into the realm of electric two-wheeler racing. Scheduled to debut on September 29, 2023, as part of the Indian National Motorcycle Racing Championship (INMRC), this event is poised to reshape the landscape of motorsports in India.


Leveling the Playing Field:

What sets the e-OMC apart is its unwavering commitment to skill-based competition. In a departure from traditional racing, where machine disparities often dominate, e-OMC participants will all ride identical Apache RTE electric sportbikes. These high-performance electric steeds boast an impressive but undisclosed power-to-weight ratio, ensuring that the spotlight remains firmly on the skills and talents of the eight selected racers. This unique approach promises thrilling races and a level playing field.


Green Racing for a Greener Future:

Beyond the thrill of racing, e-OMC champions an eco-conscious agenda. TVS Racing’s electric bikes, adorned in lightweight carbon fiber, symbolize their dedication to eco-friendly motorsports. By promoting high-performance electric racing, the championship pioneers an environmentally responsible alternative to conventional motorcycle racing. It proves that racing excitement can coexist with sustainability, setting a positive precedent for motorsports in India and beyond.


The “Track to Road” Philosophy:

Sudarshan Venu, Managing Director of TVS Motor Company, underscores the “track to road” philosophy. This vision emphasizes the translation of cutting-edge racing technology into everyday consumer vehicles. The e-OMC series holds the potential to lay the foundation for the future of electric mobility in India. Simultaneously, it champions sustainable practices in both motorsports and the broader automotive industry.


TVS Racing’s e-OMC is poised to redefine motorsports in India by marrying the adrenaline of racing with a resolute commitment to sustainability and the electrifying future of mobility in the country.

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