Unlocking Infosys’ Appraisal Cycle: Performance Reviews, Salary Hikes, and What Employees Can Anticipate


As Infosys gears up for its annual appraisal cycle, employees eagerly anticipate updates on hikes and performance reviews. In this article, we provide a detailed look at what to expect from Infosys‘ appraisal process, shedding light on key points and specifications.


A Fresh Appraisal Cycle Dawns

Infosys, a prominent name in India’s technology landscape, is on the cusp of initiating a new appraisal cycle. This signals a significant milestone in the professional journey of its employees, who await insights into their performance reviews and potential salary hikes for the current fiscal year.


The Email to Managers

In a recent development, an email dispatched to managers at Infosys reveals key details about the upcoming appraisal cycle. According to this communication, Infosys will commence its ‘performance review cycle–October 2023,’ commencing with a self-evaluation phase starting on September 29. The email goes on to convey that the evaluation process will draw to a close by the end of October. Individual employee ratings, the moment of truth for many, are slated to be communicated in the first week of December. This appraisal cycle spans from October 2022 to September 2023, encapsulating a year’s worth of professional endeavors.


The Dilemma of Pending Hikes

Interestingly, employees at Infosys find themselves in a unique predicament. While the promise of a fresh appraisal cycle looms on the horizon, many are still awaiting hikes for the previous appraisal cycle, spanning from October 2021 to September 2022. What compounds the situation is the lack of clarity regarding whether these pending hikes will be incorporated into the forthcoming cycle or potentially skipped altogether.


An Infosys employee shared, “We need to update our self-evaluation and accomplishments soon… Last year too, the appraisal process happened, and ratings were disclosed. But the hike (salary revision) has not been released yet. It is usually paid in June-July.” Traditionally, Infosys follows a timeline where the evaluation period runs from October to September, with hikes typically disbursed in June or July of the following year.


Management’s Commitment to Appraisals

During a recent earnings call following the first quarter, Infosys’ Chief Financial Officer, Nilanjan Roy, assured employees that the rollout of annual hikes was under “active consideration.” This statement has instilled hope among the workforce that their dedication and hard work will be rewarded soon. Infosys is slated to unveil its fiscal second-quarter results on October 12.


Infosys’ Resilience Amid Challenges

Despite challenges and missed analyst estimates, Infosys remains resolute in navigating the ever-evolving technology landscape. The company had originally projected a 1.0-3.5% revenue growth for the ongoing fiscal year, marking a significant slowdown compared to previous years. However, Infosys has demonstrated its agility and strength by securing several mega-deals, ranging from $450 million to $2 billion, over the last four months. These substantial wins may potentially lead to an upgrade in the annual guidance, illustrating Infosys’ ability to adapt and thrive in a dynamic industry.


The Road Ahead

As Infosys moves forward with its annual appraisal cycle, employees remain hopeful and eager to witness the outcomes of their hard work and dedication. This appraisal season holds the promise of not only recognizing individual contributions but also charting a path for professional growth and development within one of India’s foremost technology giants.


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