OnePlus Pad Go: 2.4K Display, 8GB RAM, 256GB Storage, and Connectivity Details Unveiled for October 6 Launch


OnePlus is gearing up to launch the OnePlus Pad Go in the Indian market on October 6, and the teasers have started to flow in, shedding light on some essential features of the upcoming Android tablet.


Impressive Display and Audio Setup

The OnePlus Pad Go boasts an 11.35-inch display with a stunning 2.4K resolution and a 7:5 aspect ratio, promising a visually immersive experience. Additionally, it comes equipped with a quad-speaker setup that supports Dolby Atmos, ensuring top-notch audio quality for an all-encompassing entertainment experience.


Ample RAM and Storage

Under the hood, the OnePlus Pad Go packs a punch with 8GB of RAM and a generous 256GB of internal storage. This robust configuration ensures smooth multitasking and ample space for storing your files, apps, and multimedia content.


Connectivity Options

OnePlus has taken an interesting approach to connectivity with the Pad Go. While it won’t offer a cellular data option, it provides users with the ability to share mobile data on the go. This unique feature allows you to stay connected even without a dedicated cellular connection.


Low Blue Light Technology

OnePlus has gone the extra mile to prioritize user comfort by obtaining TUV certification for low blue light technology, reducing eye strain during prolonged tablet usage.


WiFi-Only Option

The OnePlus Pad Go will primarily rely on WiFi connectivity, requiring users to access mobile hotspots or public WiFi networks for internet access. However, OnePlus has hinted at seamless integration with their smartphones, which could simplify connectivity for users within the OnePlus ecosystem.



When the OnePlus Pad Go hits the market, you can find it available for purchase through major platforms such as Flipkart, Amazon, and OnePlus stores in India.


Under the Hood

Leaked specifications suggest that the OnePlus Pad Go will be powered by a MediaTek Helio G99 processor, offering reliable performance. The tablet is also rumored to feature an 8000mAh battery, though detailed charging specifications remain undisclosed.


Camera and Design

In terms of camera capabilities, the OnePlus Pad Go is expected to sport an 8MP rear camera and an 8MP front-facing camera for photography and video calls. The device’s design appears to draw inspiration from its elder sibling, the OnePlus Pad.


As the launch date approaches, tech enthusiasts and OnePlus fans eagerly await further details and official confirmation of the OnePlus Pad Go’s specifications and features. Stay tuned for the official unveiling on October 6.

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