Understanding the iPhone 15 Pro Overheating Issue: Insights from Apple’s Official Statement


Since the launch of the iPhone 15 Pro series on September 22, users and reviewers alike have reported issues with overheating, especially in the Pro models. Apple has officially acknowledged this problem and shed light on the reasons behind it. In an exclusive statement to News18 Tech, Apple clarified that the overheating is primarily attributed to certain bugs in iOS 17, along with specific third-party apps that are causing system overload. However, Apple assures users that a solution is already in the works.


Understanding the Causes

Apple has pinpointed a few key factors contributing to the iPhone 15 Pro’s elevated temperature:


Background Activity: Apple acknowledges that during the initial setup or device restoration, increased background activity may lead to the device feeling warmer than expected.


iOS 17 Bug: The company has identified a bug within iOS 17 that impacts some users, contributing to the overheating problem. This bug will be addressed in an upcoming software update.


Third-party Apps: Recent updates to certain third-party apps, including Instagram, Asphalt 9, and Uber, are causing them to overload the device’s CPU. This, in turn, results in the phones running warmer than usual. Apple is actively collaborating with these app developers to roll out fixes.


Apple also aims to clear up some misconceptions:


Titanium Substructure: Despite the shift to titanium as the substructure material, the iPhone 15 Pro does not suffer from overheating. In fact, it performs better in this regard compared to previous stainless steel models.


Performance Throttling: The forthcoming iOS 17 update, designed to fix the bug, will not throttle the device’s performance to reduce heat. Users can expect both performance and thermal improvements.


Higher Wattage Adapters: When using adapters that support wattage exceeding 20W for fast charging, users may notice a temporary increase in iPhone temperature. Apple assures users that as long as the adapter complies with the USB-C PD (Power Delivery) standard and the iPhone regulates power into the device at up to 27W, there should be no cause for concern.


In summary, Apple acknowledges the overheating issues with the iPhone 15 Pro series and is actively working on solutions. Users can anticipate improvements through upcoming software updates and collaboration with third-party app developers to ensure a smoother and cooler experience with their devices.


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