Pure EV ePluto 7G Max Launched: India’s Longest-Range Electric Scooter at 201 km, Loaded with Smart Features


Pure EV, a prominent Indian electric vehicle manufacturer, has officially introduced its latest creation, the ePluto 7G Max electric scooter. This innovative two-wheeler is set to change the game in the Indian electric scooter market with a remarkable blend of features, cutting-edge technology, and impressive specifications. Let’s explore what makes the ePluto 7G Max a game-changer in the world of electric scooters.


Exceptional Range

The standout feature of the ePluto 7G Max is its exceptional range. Equipped with a robust 3.5 kWh battery pack, this electric scooter boasts a jaw-dropping claimed range of 201 kilometers on a single charge. This remarkable range places it among the select few electric two-wheelers in India that can cover such extensive distances without needing a recharge. Commuters will undoubtedly appreciate the freedom and convenience that this range offers.


Competitive Pricing

Pure EV has positioned the ePluto 7G Max as an attractive and affordable electric scooter option. With an ex-showroom price of Rs 1,14,999, it presents excellent value for money, considering its impressive range and features. The on-road price may vary depending on state-level subsidies and registration fees, making it even more accessible to a broader range of customers.


Smart Features for a Superior Riding Experience

This electric scooter comes loaded with a suite of smart features designed to enhance the overall riding experience. Here are some of the standout features:


Hill Start Assist: This feature ensures a smooth and hassle-free start on inclines, preventing roll-back and making uphill rides effortless.


Downhill Assist: Enhances control during descents, providing added safety and stability when navigating slopes.


Coasting Regen: This technology allows the scooter to recover energy during deceleration, effectively increasing its overall efficiency.


Reverse Mode: Maneuvering and parking become effortless with the scooter’s reverse mode, making tight spots a breeze to handle.


Smart AI: The ePluto 7G Max is equipped with smart AI technology, which optimizes battery health and performance, ensuring long-term reliability.


Booking and Availability

Enthusiasts and prospective buyers can now book the ePluto 7G Max across India. Deliveries are scheduled to commence during the upcoming festive season, adding to the joy of celebrations. The scooter is available in four attractive color options: Matte Black, Red, Grey, and White.


Powerful and Efficient Performance

Under the sleek exterior, the ePluto 7G Max houses a robust powertrain with a peak power output of 2.4 kW. It offers three distinct driving modes to cater to various riding conditions, ensuring both efficiency and exhilarating performance. The scooter’s impressive processing capabilities are driven by seven microcontrollers and numerous sensors, providing a level of sophistication akin to modern smartphones.


Future-Ready with OTA Updates

The ePluto 7G Max is designed to stay current with the latest advancements through over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates. This forward-thinking approach ensures that the scooter can receive updates and improvements, guaranteeing that it remains up to date with the latest features and enhancements.


Expanding Dealer Network

Pure EV has set ambitious goals to expand its dealer network, with plans to establish more than 300 touchpoints in leading cities and towns by the end of FY24. This expansion aims to make the ePluto 7G Max more accessible to consumers across India, ensuring that more people can experience the benefits of electric mobility.


Impressive Warranty Coverage

To provide peace of mind to buyers, Pure EV offers a standard battery warranty covering 60,000 kilometers and an extended warranty that extends up to 70,000 kilometers. This robust warranty package underscores the brand’s commitment to delivering reliable and high-quality electric scooters.


In summary, the Pure EV ePluto 7G Max electric scooter redefines commuting with its exceptional range, competitive pricing, and a rich array of smart features. It offers an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative for daily commuting needs, making it an appealing choice for environmentally conscious riders in India.


Key Features:


Impressive Range: The ePluto 7G Max boasts a remarkable range of 201 kilometers on a single charge, making it one of the few electric scooters in India with such extensive range capabilities.


Smart Features: The scooter comes equipped with various smart features, including Hill Start Assist, Downhill Assist, Coasting Regen, Reverse Mode, and Smart AI. These features are designed to enhance the riding experience and battery health.


Battery Certification: The scooter is powered by a 3.5 KWH battery that is AIS-156 certified, ensuring safety and reliability.


Powerful Powertrain: It features a powertrain with a peak power of 2.4 kW, providing ample power for various riding conditions.


Multiple Driving Modes: The ePluto 7G Max offers three different driving modes, allowing riders to choose the mode that best suits their needs and preferences.


Enhanced Braking: The scooter’s braking system has been significantly improved, leading to enhanced braking distance, time to stop, wheel rotating speed effort, and braking force. This results in a 30% increase in the life cycle of front and rear brakes.


Smart Regen Capabilities: The scooter features smart regenerative braking capabilities, including coasting regen, which helps enhance range and safety.


Reverse Mode Assist: It comes with a reverse mode assist, making it easier to maneuver the scooter in tight spaces or parking situations.


Bluetooth Connectivity: The scooter offers Bluetooth connectivity, allowing riders to connect their smartphones and receive OTA firmware updates from Pure EV.


Warranty: Pure EV provides a standard battery warranty of 60,000 kilometers and an extended warranty of 70,000 kilometers, showcasing their confidence in the scooter’s durability and performance.


Variety of Colors: The ePluto 7G Max is available in four attractive colors: Matte Black, Red, Grey, and White, giving customers a range of choices to suit their style.


These features and specifications make the Pure EV ePluto 7G Max an impressive and innovative electric scooter in the Indian market, offering an eco-friendly and convenient commuting solution with an exceptional range.

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