Reviving a Classic: Bajaj Sunny EV Spotted Testing, Poised to Offer Affordable Electric Mobility


Bajaj Auto, a pioneer in the Indian two-wheeler market, appears to be on a mission to resurrect its iconic scooter brands in the electric avatar. Following the successful revival of the Chetak, Bajaj is now turning its attention to the beloved Sunny, which could soon make a comeback as the Bajaj Sunny EV. Here’s a glimpse of what we know about this exciting development.


Spotting the Sunny EV Prototype

Recent sightings on Indian roads have generated significant buzz as an undisguised prototype of the Bajaj Sunny EV was captured during testing. The photographs reveal a design that pays homage to the original Sunny scooter from the 1990s. The round headlamp and rectangular taillamp evoke a sense of nostalgia, reminding us of the classic model’s timeless charm.


An Electric Transformation

What sets the Bajaj Sunny EV apart from its predecessor is its electric powertrain. As an electric scooter, it forgoes the need for an exhaust pipe, embracing a more environmentally friendly and silent operation. This transition aligns with Bajaj’s commitment to sustainable mobility solutions.


Distinct Platform and Competitive Pricing

While the Bajaj Sunny EV retains its iconic design cues, it appears to feature a different platform compared to the Chetak. This variation could potentially cater to a more compact and budget-conscious segment of the market. Enthusiasts and potential buyers can anticipate a competitive price point that places it below the Chetak, making electric mobility even more accessible to a broader audience.


Proceed with Cautious Optimism

As of now, Bajaj has not officially confirmed the launch of the Sunny EV. While the sighting of a test mule is promising, it’s important to approach this news with a measure of caution. The electric scooter market in India is rapidly evolving, and manufacturers are exploring various strategies to meet the diverse needs of consumers.


A Glimpse into the Chetak’s Success

Bajaj’s earlier electric scooter endeavor, the Chetak EV, has received a positive response from consumers. The refreshed Chetak, available in new variants, offers a range of innovative features. The base ‘Premium’ variant, priced at Rs. 1.21 lakh, boasts a 3kWH battery and a 3.8kW motor, delivering an impressive ARAI-certified range of 108 km.


While the Sunny EV holds the promise of nostalgia and a potential budget-friendly option in the electric scooter market, its fate remains uncertain until Bajaj officially announces its launch plans. Nonetheless, the prospect of witnessing another iconic brand transition to electric power is undoubtedly exciting for enthusiasts and electric mobility advocates alike.


Key Points and Features:


Iconic Design: The Sunny EV is designed to pay homage to its classic predecessor, retaining the original Sunny’s round headlamp and rectangular taillamp, reminiscent of the beloved 1990s model.


Electric Powertrain: As an electric scooter, the Sunny EV does away with the need for an exhaust pipe, embracing a green and noise-free operation. It aligns with Bajaj’s commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly mobility.


Compact Size: While it shares design cues with the Chetak, the Sunny EV appears to feature a distinct platform and size, catering to a more compact segment of the market.


Competitive Pricing: Bajaj aims to position the Sunny EV at an attractive price point, potentially making it more affordable than the Chetak. This strategy seeks to expand the accessibility of electric mobility to a broader audience.


Unconfirmed Launch: It’s important to note that Bajaj has not officially confirmed the launch of the Sunny EV. While a test mule has been spotted on the roads, its commercial availability remains uncertain until Bajaj makes an official announcement.


Chetak’s Success: Bajaj’s previous electric scooter venture, the Chetak EV, has been well-received in the market. The Chetak offers various innovative features and a competitive price, setting a positive precedent for the Sunny EV’s potential success.


Rapidly Evolving Market: The electric scooter market in India is rapidly evolving, with manufacturers exploring diverse strategies to meet the evolving needs of consumers. The Sunny EV’s entry into this dynamic landscape adds an exciting dimension to the electric mobility segment.

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