Qubo Launches Advanced Dashcams and GPS Trackers for Enhanced Road Safety: Prices Inside


Qubo, the renowned Indian smart electronics brand affiliated with the Hero Group, has set the stage for a significant leap in road safety and security. At the Qubo Connected World 2023 event, they unveiled a range of innovative products that promise to redefine the driving experience.


Introducing Qubo Dashcams: A New Era of Vehicle Safety

Qubo’s latest offerings include two remarkable dashcam models, designed to combine advanced safety features with unmatched convenience.


Dashcam ProX: Versatility and Clarity

The Dashcam ProX is a testament to Qubo’s dedication to innovation. It features a 2MP camera capable of recording in dazzling 1080p full HD. What sets it apart is its unique rotatable design, allowing it to serve as both a front-facing and cabin camera, providing an added layer of security.


Even in challenging low-light conditions, the Dashcam ProX excels in capturing clear footage. It also supports time-lapse video recording and offers storage options of up to 1TB on an SD card. Available in three stylish colors, it seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetics.


Dashcam Pro 3K: Unparalleled Resolution and Comprehensive Coverage

For those seeking uncompromising resolution and comprehensive coverage, the Dashcam Pro 3K is the ideal choice. Equipped with a 5MP front camera and a 2MP rear camera, it delivers exceptional clarity. The 3.2-inch LCD screen adds a layer of convenience, making navigation and playback effortless.


Powered by a high-quality Sony IMX 335 sensor, the Dashcam Pro 3K ensures impeccable video recording quality. Like its counterpart, it supports time-lapse video recording and offers storage capacity of up to 1TB on an SD card. This dashcam represents the pinnacle of cutting-edge technology.


Qubo Advanced GPS Trackers: Beyond Traditional Tracking

Qubo’s latest release introduces advanced GPS trackers designed for both cars and bikes, setting new standards in tracking technology. These trackers offer much more than traditional location monitoring; they integrate advanced features to enhance driving safety and convenience.


Real-Time Tracking and More

The GPS trackers provide real-time location tracking, keeping users informed about their vehicle’s whereabouts at all times. They go a step further by notifying users of ignition status changes and alerting them when vehicles enter or exit predefined geographic areas.


AI-Based Accident Detection

Safety is a top priority, and Qubo’s GPS trackers address this with AI-based accident detection. In the event of an accident, users receive prompt notifications, ensuring that immediate action can be taken if needed.


Insights into Driving Behavior

These trackers offer valuable insights into driving behavior, aiding in the pursuit of safe and responsible driving. Users can review route playback, enhancing their understanding of their journeys.


Affordability and Availability

Qubo’s commitment to accessible technology is evident in the pricing of their GPS trackers, starting at just Rs 1,799 for bikes and Rs 2,099 for cars. The Dashcam ProX, priced at Rs. 3,490, is available now, while the Dashcam Pro 3K, priced at Rs. 7,990, will be available later this month.


These cutting-edge products can be purchased through Qubo’s official website, leading online retailers, or at over 2000 physical stores across 30+ Indian cities. Qubo is redefining the future of driving safety and security, and these innovations mark a significant stride in that direction.

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