Xiaomi’s Upcoming Electric Car to Offer Extended-Range Option, Combining Innovation with Versatility


Xiaomi, a renowned name in the world of technology, is gearing up to make its mark in the electric vehicle (EV) industry. The Chinese tech giant is set to launch its very first electric car, and it’s not just a single offering; Xiaomi plans to roll out both battery-electric and extended-range versions of its debut EV.


Here’s a closer look at the innovative features and specifications of Xiaomi’s upcoming electric car:


Powertrain Options: Xiaomi’s electric car lineup will offer versatile powertrain options to cater to varying preferences. The entry-level model is expected to feature a 400V voltage platform, paired with the BYD Blade Battery. In contrast, the high-end variant will incorporate an 800V voltage platform, housing the CATL Qilin Battery with a substantial battery pack capacity of 101kWh.


Extended-Range Capability: Xiaomi understands the importance of addressing range anxiety in electric vehicles. To provide a solution, the extended-range version of the car is likely to incorporate either a 1.5L or 1.5T range extender. This will work alongside a large battery to extend the driving range, making it more appealing to consumers with longer commutes or travel needs.


Design: Xiaomi’s electric car will feature a sleek and youthful design, characterized by a coupe-style appearance. It is designed to resonate with younger generations, with a sporty and dynamic aesthetic. The car will have a low and elongated front end, transitioning into a fastback-style rear end.


Chipset: The vehicle will be equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 chipset, ensuring robust performance and seamless integration of various tech features.


Connectivity: Xiaomi’s electric car will support Bluetooth 5.2, enabling fast and reliable connections with compatible devices. It will also feature USB Media functionalities for convenient media playback. Moreover, the car will seamlessly integrate with Apple CarPlay, enhancing the infotainment experience.


Production Timeline: Xiaomi’s ambitious venture into electric mobility is on track. Mass production of the electric car is scheduled to commence in 2024. Currently, the car is in the trial production phase, with approximately 50 prototype vehicles being manufactured each week.


As Xiaomi’s debut electric car approaches its official launch, it’s poised to make waves in the industry by offering diverse powertrain options, addressing range concerns, and integrating advanced technology into its vehicles. Xiaomi’s foray into electric mobility is undoubtedly an exciting development to watch for tech enthusiasts and EV enthusiasts alike.

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