Samsung Launches Bespoke Double Door Refrigerators in India with Convertible Design, Smart Features and 20-Year Warranty


Samsung has introduced its latest range of Bespoke refrigerators in India, featuring a double-door design and offering options in both steel and glass finishes. These refrigerators are not only aesthetically pleasing but also come with a host of innovative features.


Price and Variants

The Bespoke refrigerators are available in two variants: Bespoke Premium Cotta with a steel finish and Bespoke Glass with a glass finish. Here’s the pricing for these refrigerators:


Bespoke Premium Cotta Steel Finish Refrigerators:

236 liters: ₹30,500

256 liters: ₹31,500

301 liters: ₹39,500

322 liters: ₹42,500


Bespoke Glass Refrigerators:

415 liters: ₹54,000

465 liters: ₹57,800


These refrigerators are now available for purchase across all offline retail stores in India and can also be bought from the Samsung Online Store.


Convertible Functionality

One of the standout features of the Bespoke refrigerators is their convertible functionality. Users can choose from different modes:


Seasonal Mode: Disables the freezer and uses only the fridge compartment.

Extra Fridge Mode: Converts the freezer into an additional fridge space.

Vacation Mode: Keeps only the freezer active while disabling the fridge compartment.


Design and Colors

The Bespoke refrigerators come in two finish options: steel and glass. The steel finish is available in 236L, 256L, 301L, and 322L capacities, while the glass finish is available in 415L and 465L capacities. They also offer a variety of colors:


Bespoke Premium Cotta (Steel):

Dual-tone: beige and charcoal

Single-tone charcoal finish


Bespoke Glass:

Dual-tone: white and pink

Single-tone black


Key Features


Inverter Compressors: All Bespoke refrigerators feature Samsung’s latest inverter compressors, backed by a 20-year warranty.


Individual Cooling Systems: These refrigerators have separate cooling systems to prevent food odors from mixing and maintain optimum humidity levels.


WiFi-Enabled: The refrigerators can be controlled remotely using the Samsung companion app on Android and iOS devices.


Energy-Efficient: Samsung SmartThings AI Energy mode tracks usage patterns and adjusts cooling temperatures to reduce power consumption. There’s also a ‘Saving Mode’ to further minimize electricity usage.


Power Savings: All Bespoke refrigerators come with a 2-star rating for power savings.


With their stylish design, convertible features, and advanced technology, Samsung’s Bespoke refrigerators offer a modern and convenient solution for your cooling needs.

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