Kilow Gravel Electric Bicycle Unveiled: Blending Aesthetics, Bikedrive Air Tech, and Premium Performance


Kilow, a prominent French mobility brand known for its innovative and minimalist design approach, is making its debut in the e-bike arena with the introduction of the Gravel electric bicycle. Combining a distinctive aesthetic with versatile performance, the Gravel is poised to make a mark in the growing e-bike market. In this article, we delve into the product information, key features, and specifications that define Kilow’s Gravel as a compelling addition to the e-bike landscape.


Product Information

Kilow’s reputation for unique and visually striking designs is well-established, thanks in part to its compact electric car, La Bagnole. The Gravel electric bicycle marks Kilow’s first foray into the world of e-bikes, carrying the brand’s minimalist and rugged design ethos into this new venture.


Key Points and Features


E-Gravel Bike Innovation: Kilow’s decision to launch an electric gravel bike aligns with the rising popularity of this e-bike category. E-gravel bikes offer excellent on-road performance while retaining the ability to tackle less-than-ideal terrain, reminiscent of the early mountain bikes from the 1990s.


Addressing Non-Urban Mobility Needs: Arthur Allamand, Kilow’s marketing director, recognizes the need for e-mobility solutions beyond urban areas. He emphasizes the lack of public transportation options in these regions and the affordability challenges of electric cars. Hence, Kilow’s choice to introduce the Gravel as a versatile alternative for non-urban commuters and adventurers.


Bikedrive Air Motor Technology: The Gravel electric bicycle boasts Swiss-made Bikedrive Air motor technology, housed within its carbon-fiber frame. Unlike power-hungry systems, the Air motor prioritizes a smoother, more natural pedal feel. It delivers a maximum torque of 40 Newton-meters and maintains a continuous output of 250 watts.


Efficient Battery Integration: Kilow seamlessly incorporates the bike’s battery into the frame’s downtube. This design not only enhances aesthetics but also provides a practical range of 30 to 50 kilometers (19 to 31 miles) on a single charge, ensuring extended rides without concerns about running out of power.


Premium Components: The Gravel features Hutchinson Touareg tires for reliable traction and a 12-speed Sram Force AXS groupset with electronic shifting for precise gear changes.


Specifications: Kilow Gravel Electric Bicycle


Motor: Swiss-made Bikedrive Air motor

Maximum Torque: 40 Newton-meters

Continuous Output: 250 watts

Pedal Assistance Modes: Three modes, adjustable via top tube console

Battery: Integrated into the downtube of the frame

Range: Approximately 30 to 50 kilometers (19 to 31 miles) on a single charge

Tires: Hutchinson Touareg

Gearset: 12-speed Sram Force AXS groupset with electronic shifting


Pricing and Availability

The Kilow Gravel electric bicycle, while positioned as a premium offering, comes with a price tag of 9,490 Euros, or approximately $10,000 USD. Pre-orders for the Gravel are currently open, although Kilow has yet to announce the exact delivery timeline for this eagerly awaited e-bike.


In conclusion, Kilow’s entry into the e-bike market with the Gravel electric bicycle represents a harmonious fusion of style and substance. With its aesthetic appeal, versatile performance, and focus on addressing mobility needs beyond urban environments, the Gravel promises an exciting and eco-conscious riding experience for adventurers and enthusiasts looking to explore the road less traveled. Stay tuned for updates as Kilow prepares to usher in a new era of e-bike innovation.

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