ISRO’s Resilient Cybersecurity: Defending Against 100+ Daily Hacking Attempts while Pioneering Gaganyaan Human Spaceflight


The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is facing a constant barrage of hacking attempts, with more than 100 incidents reported daily. This revelation was made by ISRO’s chairman, S. Somanath, during a recent cybersecurity event held in Kochi. Somanath emphasized that the agency has implemented a multi-layered defense strategy, employing both hardware and software, to thwart these persistent threats.


Unyielding Defenses Protect Satellite and Rocket Software Integrity

Despite the high volume of hacking attempts, ISRO’s security systems have remained impervious. The agency relies on a formidable arsenal of firewalls and other protective measures to ensure that unauthorized access does not breach the outer layers of its security infrastructure. This resolute stance is vital in safeguarding the integrity of satellite and rocket software, especially for critical missions like lunar landings.


The Complex Landscape of Space Operations

Somanath underscored the intricacies involved in executing even minor programs related to moon landings. He shed light on the substantial risks associated with space endeavors, highlighting the necessity for a profound understanding of cybersecurity and a robust knowledge base to fortify national security.


Gaganyaan Mission Update: A Step Closer to Human Spaceflight

ISRO recently unveiled the first images of the Gaganyaan spacecraft, marking a significant milestone in India’s ambitious space exploration endeavors. Scheduled for December 2024, the Gaganyaan Mission aims to transport a crew of two to three members into a circular orbit around Earth at an altitude of approximately 400 km, for a mission lasting 1-3 days. ISRO also announced the initiation of unmanned flight tests, a crucial step towards realizing this historic mission.


In conclusion, ISRO’s unwavering commitment to cybersecurity is integral to the success of its missions. As the agency continues to push the boundaries of space exploration, ensuring the safety and security of critical systems remains paramount. The Gaganyaan Mission, poised to propel India into the league of human spaceflight, stands as a testament to ISRO’s unwavering dedication to advancing space science and technology.

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