Xiaomi Unveils Mijia Smart Body Fat Scale S400: Affordable Health Monitoring Innovation at $14


Xiaomi continues to expand its product offerings with the introduction of the Mijia Smart Body Fat Scale S400, catering to health-conscious consumers. This smart scale is set to revolutionize the way people monitor their health and fitness, and it comes at a budget-friendly price of just 99 yuan ($14).


Unlocking Health Insights with the Mijia Smart Body Fat Scale S400

Xiaomi has a reputation for making advanced technology accessible to a wide audience, and the Mijia Smart Body Fat Scale S400 is no exception. This smart scale aims to provide users with a comprehensive view of their overall health, with a particular focus on identifying and addressing “hidden obesity” and other health concerns.


Key Features at a Glance

The Mijia Smart Body Fat Scale S400 is packed with impressive features:


Static Heart Rate Monitoring: It offers static heart rate monitoring, allowing users to track their heart health by detecting variations in heart rate – slow, normal, or fast.


Dual-Frequency Bioelectrical Impedance Measurement: This advanced technology employs high and low-frequency currents to provide precise readings of impedance values inside and outside cells. This ensures accurate data regarding body fat, water content, muscle mass, and other vital health indicators.


High Accuracy: Xiaomi’s smart scale demonstrates a strong correlation of ≥0.932 when compared to the DEXA method, ensuring high accuracy for key metrics like body fat percentage and fat mass.


Comprehensive Reports: The scale generates detailed reports for each measurement, providing insights into 25 different aspects of body composition, including body fat, muscle mass, water content, protein levels, bone mineral content, and more. It also assesses visceral fat levels to identify hidden obesity-related risks.


Versatility: The Mijia Smart Body Fat Scale S400 offers multiple weighing modes, such as Small Item Weighing, Baby Holding Mode, Balance Testing, and Guest Measurement Mode through the Mi Home app. It ensures precise measurements with an accuracy of 0.1kg, making it suitable for various needs, including weighing small items, babies, or pets. The scale supports a wide weight range from 0.1kg to 150kg.


Warranty and Durability: Xiaomi provides a one-year warranty, guaranteeing the scale’s quality and durability. It features an LED display for easy readability and is suitable for users of all ages.


Connectivity: The scale connects via Bluetooth to sync body fat percentage and other health data with devices, allowing users to track and analyze their fitness and wellness progress.


More from Xiaomi’s Mijia Lineup

In addition to the Mijia Smart Body Fat Scale S400, Xiaomi has also unveiled other innovative products in its Mijia lineup. This includes the Mijia Air Conditioner 1.5 HP 2023 and the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Electric Thermos 5L, both available for purchase and pre-order in China, respectively.


With its commitment to making cutting-edge technology affordable, Xiaomi continues to offer products that enhance the daily lives of consumers, helping them make informed decisions about their health and well-being. The Mijia Smart Body Fat Scale S400 is another example of Xiaomi’s dedication to providing accessible and innovative solutions for a healthier lifestyle.

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