Decathlon Set to Revolutionize Family Transportation with Upcoming F900E Velo Cargo E-Bike


Decathlon, the renowned outdoor and sports retail giant, has long been a go-to destination for cyclists of all kinds. Offering a diverse range of bicycles that span the spectrum from commuting to mountain biking, the brand has consistently delivered quality and innovation. More recently, Decathlon has ventured into the electric bike (e-bike) realm, expanding its offerings to cater to a broader array of riders.


Introducing the F900E Velo Cargo: Your New Car Replacement

Decathlon has been creating quite a buzz with its latest offering, the F900E Velo Cargo. This e-bike is specifically designed to make your daily family transport needs a breeze. In an era where e-bikes are increasingly considered as car alternatives for urban commuting, the F900E Velo Cargo takes it to a whole new level. It’s not just about replacing your car; it’s about doing so while comfortably transporting not one, not two, but up to three kids, thanks to its spacious front platform. What’s more, it even comes with an integrated hood to keep your little ones dry on rainy days.


A Closer Look at the Technology

The F900E Velo Cargo is the epitome of robust design, featuring a frame likely crafted from lightweight yet durable aluminum. Safety is paramount, and this e-bike comes with built-in seatbelts on the front platform to ensure your children’s security during the ride. While specific details about its performance and top speed are yet to be unveiled, we do know that the rider’s pedaling efforts, combined with motor assistance, are efficiently transmitted to the rear wheel via a chain drive with derailleur gears. Multiple assist levels will likely be available, providing a customized and optimized riding experience.


Observing the images, it’s apparent that the battery is situated at the lower part of the frame, just in front of the motor. While the exact specifications of the battery remain unconfirmed, it’s expected to be a removable unit for convenient off-bike charging. Additionally, the F900E boasts adjustable handlebars and saddle for a more ergonomic and comfortable riding position.


More than Just Family Transport

The F900E Velo Cargo isn’t solely designed for ferrying your children; it’s also a practical solution for grocery shopping and other errands. The e-bike comes equipped with a rear luggage rack to accommodate your cargo. Moreover, it boasts a set of mudguards, a center stand to ensure stability while loading cargo, built-in lights, and a rear-wheel lock for security. For added convenience, a smartphone holder is included, facilitating navigation with your preferred GPS apps.


Pricing and Accessibility

As of now, Decathlon has yet to disclose the pricing details for the F900E Velo Cargo. However, it’s expected to remain accessible to a broad range of users, with an estimated retail price below 4,000 Euros, roughly $4,200 USD. This affordability aligns with Decathlon’s commitment to making innovative and practical biking solutions available to a wide audience.


Key Points:


Decathlon’s Newest Venture: Decathlon, a prominent outdoor and sports retail giant, is expanding its bicycle offerings into the electric bike (e-bike) sector, catering to a diverse range of riders.


The F900E Velo Cargo: This e-bike, named the F900E Velo Cargo, is designed to offer an efficient and eco-friendly alternative for family transportation, capable of carrying up to three children on a spacious front platform with an integrated rain hood.


Robust Design: The F900E Velo Cargo features a robust frame, likely constructed from lightweight yet durable aluminum, ensuring both safety and stability during rides.


Performance: While specific performance details such as top speed are yet to be revealed, the e-bike employs a mid-drive motor, offering multiple assist levels to cater to a variety of riding preferences.


Battery Placement: The e-bike’s battery is strategically positioned in the lower part of the frame, near the motor, making it likely to be removable for convenient charging both on and off the bike.


Customizable Ergonomics: The F900E Velo Cargo provides adjustable handlebars and saddle to ensure an ergonomically efficient riding position for users.


Versatile Utility: Beyond family transportation, the e-bike is equipped with a rear luggage rack, mudguards, built-in lights, and a rear-wheel lock for added convenience and security.




Frame: Presumably made of lightweight and durable aluminum

Child Carrying Capacity: Up to three children on the spacious front platform

Motor Type: Mid-drive motor

Battery: Removable unit, exact specifications not disclosed

Assist Levels: Multiple assist levels for a customized riding experience

Ergonomics: Adjustable handlebars and saddle for user comfort

Additional Features: Mudguards, center stand, built-in lights, rear-wheel lock, smartphone holder

Price: Estimated to be below 4,000 Euros, or approximately $4,200 USD, for accessibility to a wider user base.


Keep an eye out for the F900E Velo Cargo; it’s poised to revolutionize family transportation and cargo hauling, all while promoting eco-friendly and efficient urban mobility.

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