PVR INOX Passport: 10 Monthly Cinema Visits, Affordable Dining, and Reviving Movie Theatres


PVR INOX, India’s leading theatre chain, is all set to transform the movie-watching experience with its innovative subscription plan, the PVR INOX Passport. In a bid to reignite the magic of the silver screen, this subscription offers patrons the incredible opportunity to visit PVR INOX theatres up to 10 times every month. Here’s a deeper look into this game-changing concept.


A Cinematic Renaissance: In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the surge of OTT platforms, cinema halls have faced a challenging period with dwindling audience numbers. The PVR INOX Passport is the industry’s answer to this challenge, aiming to attract movie enthusiasts back to the big screen. By offering a more cost-effective cinematic experience, PVR INOX is setting the stage for a renaissance in cinema attendance.


Unveiling the PVR INOX Passport

The PVR INOX Passport is priced at a budget-friendly Rs 699, offering subscribers the chance to embark on a cinematic journey with up to 10 theatre visits every month. However, there are some stipulations attached to the pass:


Time Limitation: The pass is only valid from Monday to Thursday, excluding weekends.


Screen Selection: The PVR INOX Passport is applicable exclusively to standard PVR INOX screens and does not include premium screenings such as IMAX, Gold, LUXE, and Director’s Cut.


A Treat for the Taste Buds: To sweeten the deal further, PVR INOX has slashed the prices of food and beverages by an impressive 40%. This price reduction is designed to entice patrons to savor their favorite snacks and drinks while enjoying their chosen films. Additionally, the company has introduced wallet-friendly food combos, starting at a mere Rs 99 on weekdays.


The Mechanics of the PVR INOX Passport: Starting from October 16, movie-goers can secure the PVR INOX Passport for Rs 699, receiving 10 PVR INOX coupons in return. These coupons remain valid for 30 days and can be used to purchase tickets.


While the PVR INOX Passport provides flexibility in selecting movies, it is non-transferrable and is exclusively for the owner’s personal use. It allows for the purchase of a single ticket at a time; for multiple tickets, a cash payment will be required.


Reviving the Film Industry: Gautam Dutta, the co-CEO of PVR INOX, acknowledges that the allure of the cinematic experience is still potent. However, the cost of frequent theatre visits can be a deterrent for many. The PVR INOX Passport addresses this issue, making regular outings to the movies not only affordable but also enticing.


The dwindling footfall in cinemas has ramifications for filmmakers, especially those producing mid-level and small-scale films. By encouraging more people to return to theatres, the movie industry anticipates a renaissance. The PVR INOX Passport subscription model seeks to inspire movie enthusiasts to choose cinema over home viewing, ushering in a paradigm shift in the way films are enjoyed.


Gautam Dutta emphasized that the PVR INOX Passport is not a short-term promotion but rather a commitment to transforming movie-watching habits and rekindling the allure of theatres, transcending the confines of home entertainment.


Key Points:


PVR INOX Passport: PVR INOX, a prominent theatre chain in India, is launching a groundbreaking subscription plan called the “PVR INOX Passport” to reinvigorate the movie-watching experience.


10 Theatre Visits: Subscribers to the PVR INOX Passport will have the opportunity to visit PVR INOX theatres up to 10 times each month, all for a monthly fee of Rs 699.


Restrictions Apply: The subscription comes with certain restrictions; it’s valid only from Monday to Thursday, excluding weekends. Additionally, it can be redeemed solely for regular PVR INOX screens, not for premium ones like IMAX, Gold, LUXE, and Director’s Cut.


Revamped Food and Beverage Prices: PVR INOX is reducing food and beverage costs by over 40% to entice patrons to enjoy their favorite cinema snacks and beverages. Affordable food combos starting at Rs 99 on weekdays are also on offer.


Launch Date: The PVR INOX Passport will be available for purchase starting October 16, with subscribers receiving 10 coupons to use within 30 days.


Affordability and Accessibility: The passport aims to make cinema visits more affordable, particularly for people who may find frequent theatre visits expensive.


Industry Revival: The declining footfall in cinemas has been a challenge for the movie industry, especially for mid-level and small-scale films. The PVR INOX Passport subscription model is expected to encourage more people to return to theatres, potentially leading to a revival in the film industry.


Changing Habits: PVR INOX views the passport as a long-term strategy to change people’s movie-watching habits, shifting the focus from home entertainment back to theatres.


Cinematic Renaissance: Despite the challenges posed by OTT platforms and the pandemic, the allure of the cinema experience remains strong, and the PVR INOX Passport aims to rekindle that passion.

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