Volvo EM90 Electric Minivan: Unveiling the Future of Family Travel with 511 Miles of Range


Volvo, known for its line-up of SUVs, sedans, and wagons, has made a surprising entry into the minivan market with its all-new EM90. This move marks Volvo’s first-ever venture into the world of minivans, and it has taken an unconventional route to introduce this vehicle to the world. While most Volvo models are unveiled through grand, high-profile events, the EM90’s first appearance was through images published on China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) website, despite previous teasers from the company.


Product Information:

Volvo’s EM90 is a groundbreaking entry into the electric minivan segment, representing a significant shift in the company’s product lineup. This family-focused vehicle combines Volvo’s renowned commitment to safety and reliability with cutting-edge electric technology, offering a clean and efficient alternative for families on the move.


Key Points and Features:


Impressive Electric Range: The EM90 is equipped with a robust 140 kWh battery pack, providing an astonishing range of up to 511 miles on a single charge. This industry-leading range ensures that families can embark on long journeys with confidence, without the need for frequent charging stops.


Family-Oriented Design: Volvo has designed the EM90 with families in mind, offering spacious interiors and flexible seating arrangements. The minivan’s thoughtful layout allows for comfortable seating for up to seven passengers, making it an ideal choice for family outings and vacations.


Safety First: Building on Volvo’s legacy of safety, the EM90 is equipped with an array of advanced safety features. These include state-of-the-art collision avoidance systems, adaptive cruise control, and a comprehensive suite of driver-assistance technologies, all working together to provide peace of mind for drivers and passengers.


Distinctive Styling: The EM90 draws inspiration from Volvo’s minimalist design philosophy, featuring clean lines and a refined aesthetic. Its revamped front fascia and body-colored panel offer a sophisticated and modern appearance, setting it apart from conventional minivans.


Efficient Electric Motor: The EM90 is powered by a rear-mounted electric motor, delivering a reliable 268 horsepower. While it may not be focused on achieving high speeds, this setup is tailored to provide steady and efficient performance, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride for families.


Fast Charging Capabilities: The EM90 supports fast charging, allowing users to replenish the battery quickly, especially during long journeys or when time is of the essence. This feature further enhances the vehicle’s convenience and usability for busy families.




Battery Capacity: 140 kWh

Electric Motor: Rear-mounted, 268 horsepower

Seating Capacity: Up to 7 passengers

Range: Up to 511 miles

Charging: Fast charging supported

Safety Features: Advanced collision avoidance systems, adaptive cruise control, driver-assistance technologies

Manufacturing Location: China

Release Date: November 12, 2023 (China)


In summary, the Volvo EM90 Electric Minivan represents a significant step forward in the evolution of family-friendly electric vehicles. With its exceptional range, safety features, and family-oriented design, it’s poised to become a standout choice for environmentally-conscious families seeking a reliable and spacious vehicle for their daily adventures. The EM90 showcases Volvo’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, setting a new standard in the electric minivan market.

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