Google Accelerates ‘Make-in-India’ Drive: Plans for Local Pixel Smartphone Production Unveiled for 2024


In a significant development that bolsters India’s ‘Make-in-India‘ initiatives, Google is set to follow the footsteps of industry giants like Apple and Samsung by manufacturing its latest smartphones within the country. The announcement came during the 9th edition of ‘Google for India,’ and it was a momentous occasion graced by the presence of India’s Electronics and IT Minister, Ashwini Vaishnaw.


The ‘Made-in-India’ Pixel Phones

Google’s commitment to producing Pixel phones in India marks a remarkable leap forward. The first ‘Made-in-India’ Pixel phones are expected to be available in 2024, as confirmed by Rick Osterloh, Senior Vice President of Devices and Services at Google. To achieve this, Google is forging partnerships with both domestic and international entities for manufacturing Pixel hardware on Indian soil.


While the specific names of the partners were not disclosed in the announcement, previous reports indicated that Google has been engaged in discussions with prominent Indian suppliers. Among these are Lava International Ltd, Dixon Technologies India, and Bharat FIH, the Indian arm of Foxconn Technology Group. These strategic partnerships represent a significant commitment to local manufacturing and an opportunity for these companies to contribute to the ‘Make-in-India’ vision.


The Google Pixel 8 Unveiled

The Google Pixel 8, the latest offering from Google, was recently launched globally, including in India. The Pixel 8, priced at Rs 75,999, and the Pixel 8 Pro, available for Rs 1,06,999, have been up for purchase since October 12, 2023. These premium smartphones come with advanced features and represent Google’s cutting-edge technology in the mobile space.


India’s Rising Star in Manufacturing

India has been emerging as an attractive hub for manufacturing, not only to cater to local markets but also for exports. “Mobile manufacturing was practically negligible nine years ago. But today, India boasts close to $44 billion worth of manufacturing within its borders, with nearly $11 billion dedicated to exports,” stated Ashwini Vaishnav, the Minister of the Ministry of Electronics and IT.


India’s favorable Production Linked Incentive (PLI) schemes have attracted both global and local companies to invest in manufacturing within the country. Recent developments include the production of the iPhone 15 and the latest Samsung smartphones, such as the Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy Z Fold 5, and Galaxy Z Flip 5.


Beyond Pixel: Google’s Chromebooks in India

Google’s manufacturing commitment extends beyond smartphones. Google’s Chromebooks, affordable PCs powered by the Chromebook OS and equipped with built-in accessibility and security features, will also be produced in India. HP, a leader in the PC market, recently joined forces with Google to manufacture Chromebooks, further solidifying India’s role as a pivotal manufacturing hub in the tech industry.


Google’s decision to manufacture Pixel phones and Chromebooks in India underscores the country’s growing importance in global manufacturing, marking a significant milestone in the ‘Make-in-India‘ journey. It reflects not only India’s expanding capabilities but also the nation’s potential to become a global manufacturing powerhouse.


Key Points:


Google’s Manufacturing Commitment: Google has announced its plans to manufacture Pixel smartphones in India, joining other tech giants like Apple and Samsung in boosting local manufacturing.


‘Made-in-India’ Pixel Phones: The first ‘Made-in-India’ Pixel phones are expected to become available in 2024.


Partnership for Local Production: Google is partnering with both domestic and international companies to manufacture Pixel hardware within India, supporting the country’s ‘Make-in-India’ initiative.


Strategic Partners: While specific partner names were not disclosed in the announcement, Google has reportedly been in discussions with Indian suppliers such as Lava International Ltd, Dixon Technologies India, and Bharat FIH (the Indian unit of Foxconn Technology Group).


The Google Pixel 8: The latest Google Pixel 8 series, including the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, was recently launched in India, with pricing starting at Rs 75,999.


Manufacturing Growth in India: India has witnessed significant growth in manufacturing, with a substantial increase in mobile manufacturing over the past nine years. The country now boasts around $44 billion worth of manufacturing, including exports worth nearly $11 billion.


Attractive Investment: India’s Production Linked Incentive (PLI) schemes have made it an attractive destination for global and local companies to commence manufacturing operations.


Expanding Manufacturing Portfolio: In addition to Pixel phones, Google’s Chromebooks will also be manufactured in India. HP recently collaborated with Google to produce Chromebooks locally.


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