Vivo Watch 3 Launch Teaser: Reveals Round Dial, BlueOS, and Color Options for November 17, 2023 Release


Vivo, renowned for its cutting-edge technology, is set to revolutionize the smartwatch market with the upcoming launch of the Vivo Watch 3. This eagerly anticipated wearable combines style, functionality, and innovation to offer users a truly exceptional smartwatch experience.


Key Features:


Sleek Round Dial: The Vivo Watch 3 features a sophisticated round dial that not only adds a touch of elegance but also enhances usability, allowing for intuitive navigation.


Stylish Crown: Complementing the round dial is a stylish crown positioned on the right frame. This design element not only adds a visual flair but also provides a convenient way to interact with the watch’s features.


Dual Color Options: The Vivo Watch 3 will be available in two distinct color options. The classic Black variant exudes modernity and versatility, making it a perfect fit for any occasion. For those seeking an extra touch of sophistication, the White variant comes with a luxurious leather band that adds a refined edge to your look.


BlueOS – A Game-Changing OS: Powering the Vivo Watch 3 is BlueOS, Vivo’s groundbreaking self-developed operating system. Written in Rust programming language, it stands as the world’s first OS of its kind. BlueOS is not just powerful, but it also incorporates generative AI capabilities, opening up a world of possibilities for users.


Limitless Watch Faces: Thanks to BlueOS, users can enjoy an extensive selection of watch faces, providing endless opportunities for personalization. Whether you prefer a classic, minimalistic design or a vibrant, dynamic look, the Vivo Watch 3 can adapt to suit your style.


App Store Access: BlueOS includes its own app store, ensuring that users have access to a curated selection of applications tailored for the smartwatch. This feature expands the functionality of the Vivo Watch 3, allowing users to customize their experience to suit their needs.


Specifications (Expected):

Display: OLED screen for vibrant visuals and efficient power consumption.

Processor: Powered by a cutting-edge chipset for seamless performance.

RAM and Storage: Available in multiple configurations to suit different user needs.

Battery Life: Long-lasting battery for uninterrupted usage.

Health and Fitness Features: Comprehensive suite of tracking capabilities for a holistic approach to well-being.


Pricing and Availability:

The Vivo Watch 3 will be available for purchase following its official launch on November 17, 2023. Pricing details and regional availability will be announced at the launch event.


As the launch of the Vivo Watch 3 draws near, excitement is building among tech enthusiasts and smartwatch aficionados. With its blend of style, innovation, and practicality, the Vivo Watch 3 is poised to make a significant impact in the world of wearables. Stay tuned for the official unveiling and experience the future of smartwatches with Vivo.

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