Xiaomi’s Modena EV: Innovative Crash Detection and Emergency Alerts System Unveiled


Xiaomi’s electric vehicle lineup is set to receive a significant addition with the impending launch of the Xiaomi Modena EV. Beyond its electric powertrain and stylish design, the Modena is poised to redefine safety standards with an advanced crash detection and emergency contact alert system. Let’s delve into the key features, specifications, and other important details that make the Modena EV an exciting addition to the world of electric vehicles.


Key Features and Specifications


Cutting-Edge Safety System: The Modena EV boasts an innovative crash detection system that employs three vital modules to assess the severity of accidents.


Get-Module: Collects essential vehicle status information, including battery health, circuit status, airbag deployment, and wheel integrity.


Determine Module: Utilizes the data from the Get module to classify accidents into two categories: Level 1 and Level 2, based on the extent of damage.


Level 1 and Level 2 Response:


Level 1 Accidents: These include minor damage, such as a cracked windshield or bumper damage. In response to Level 1 accidents, the system sends a text message to the preset emergency contact.


Level 2 Accidents: These involve more serious damage, such as vehicle rollovers, oil tank leaks, or wheel detachment. For Level 2 accidents, the system sends a notification message to the emergency contact and initiates an emergency call to the nearest service center.


Efficient Call Handling: During an emergency call, the system effectively manages incoming calls, prioritizing communication with the emergency contact and the service center for streamlined assistance.


Timely Follow-Up: The system includes a timer that activates when the emergency rescue wait period begins. If the stipulated wait time elapses without rescue, the system proactively initiates another call to the preset emergency contact.


Additional Modena EV Specifications:

The Modena is anticipated to feature BYD LFP and CATL Qilin batteries for impressive range and performance.

Equipped with a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 processor, the Modena ensures a responsive and efficient driving experience.

The electric vehicle will include a high-capacity battery, with a 5,100mAh capacity, and support for 67W fast charging.



The Xiaomi Modena EV is not just another electric vehicle; it’s a symbol of innovation and safety. With advanced crash detection, efficient emergency contact alerts, and a host of powerful features, the Modena is set to make a significant impact in the EV market. As it prepares to launch by the end of the year, the Modena EV promises to provide a safer and more sophisticated driving experience.

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