PNY Ponie Electric Cargo Motorcycle: Revolutionizing Urban Logistics with Speed, Capacity, and Innovation


PNY introduces the Ponie electric cargo motorcycle, an innovative solution designed to redefine urban logistics. The Ponie seamlessly blends speed, cargo capacity, and modern features to address the evolving needs of delivery and haulage applications. Crafted with precision and functionality in mind, this electric motorcycle promises to revolutionize the way we approach urban mobility.


Key Points or Features:


Impressive Payload Capacity: The PNY Ponie boasts a remarkable payload capacity of 120kg, housed within a capacious 120 liters of storage space. This sets a new standard in cargo mobility, surpassing the storage capabilities of conventional sedans.


High-Speed Performance: With a top speed of 62 mph (100km/h), the Ponie outpaces traditional e-bikes and scooters. Its design strikes a perfect balance, catering to scenarios where a delivery van might be excessive, yet an e-bike falls short.


Purpose-Built Design: Tailored for haulage and delivery applications, the Ponie accommodates up to three insulated food compartments. Users also have the option to include a hard case storage trunk, enhancing the motorcycle’s versatility for diverse cargo needs.


Efficient Power Source: Equipped with a 6.7kWh CATL battery, the Ponie ensures an impressive range of 150km on a single charge. The 4kW continuous-rated rear hub motor, strategically positioned for optimal cargo handling, reinforces the motorcycle’s capabilities.


Innovative Features: The Ponie prioritizes user convenience with a 7-inch color screen, offering an intuitive interface. A glovebox with USB connectivity allows for on-the-go device charging, while ABS brakes add an extra layer of safety to the overall design.




Payload Capacity: 120kg

Storage Space: 120 liters

Top Speed: 62 mph (100km/h)

Battery: 6.7kWh CATL

Range: 150km on a single charge

Motor: 4kW continuous-rated rear hub motor

Display: 7-inch color screen

Safety Features: ABS brakes


Pricing and Availability:

As of now, specific pricing details and global availability information for the PNY Ponie electric cargo motorcycle remain undisclosed. However, PNY has announced that production is set to commence soon, with the earliest deliveries expected in Q2 2024. The anticipation surrounding this groundbreaking electric motorcycle underscores its potential to reshape the landscape of urban logistics.


In conclusion, the PNY Ponie emerges as a frontrunner in the electric cargo motorcycle market, offering a harmonious blend of power, capacity, and innovation. As urban environments continue to evolve, the Ponie stands ready to meet the demands of a rapidly changing logistics landscape, providing an efficient and sustainable solution for urban mobility challenges.

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