Vi (Vodafone Idea) Activates 5G Services in Select Zones of Pune and Delhi, Paving the Path for Future Connectivity


Vi (Vodafone Idea) has initiated its foray into the 5G realm, unveiling its services in specific regions across Pune and Delhi. This strategic rollout arrives subsequent to reports detailing user retention challenges faced by the telecom operator.


Key Points & Features


Selective 5G Deployment: While Vi is yet to officially announce its 5G rollout plan, select areas in Delhi and Pune are already experiencing the prowess of the ‘Vi 5G Ready SIM,’ allowing seamless connectivity.


Testing and Development: Vi conducted successful 5G trials in Pune utilizing the 26GHz and 3.3GHz bands in August. These trials aimed to meet stringent rollout obligations set by India’s Department of Telecommunications (DoT).


Future Roadmap: Despite challenges in fulfilling obligations across various telecom circles, Vi remains committed to substantial investments for nationwide 4G expansion and plans to deploy 5G networks in the near future.




Connectivity Testing: Utilized 26GHz and 3.3GHz bands in Pune trials

Rollout Plan: Select areas in Delhi and Pune activated

Roadmap: Focus on nationwide 4G expansion; intent to deploy 5G networks


Vi’s Vision for 5G

Vi’s trials in Pune served as a foundation to meet governmental obligations while providing glimpses into the potential of their 5G capabilities. As the telecom landscape evolves, Vi remains poised to invest in infrastructure, aiming to offer next-generation connectivity experiences.


The company’s determination to expand 4G coverage nationwide and commit to future 5G deployments signifies a resilient approach to embracing the transformative power of advanced telecommunications.


Stay tuned for further updates on Vi’s 5G journey as it navigates the evolving landscape of Indian telecommunications.

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