Vivo TWS Air 2: Certified for Global Launch as Earbuds Receive Indonesia’s Seal of Approval


Vivo, after its successful debut in China with the TWS Air 2 earbuds, now sets its sights on a global launch. The latest development comes from the Indonesian SDPPI certification, where the Vivo TWS Air 2, carrying the model number “CAR W29,” has made an appearance. While intricate specifications and worldwide pricing remain undisclosed, this certification is a strong indicator of the imminent global debut of these earbuds.


Key Points & Features


Global Certification: Preceding its official launch, the Vivo TWS Air 2 received certification from Indonesia’s SDPPI, indicating its forthcoming global availability.


Advanced Specifications: Priced competitively at 149 Yuan (around 20 US Dollars) during its Chinese debut, these earbuds boast a semi-in-ear design and house 14.2mm audio drivers. They support DeepX 3.0 stereo sound effects, 3D panoramic audio, and a minimal 55ms low latency for seamless connectivity.


Connectivity and Features: Equipped with Bluetooth 5.3 offering a 10-meter range and AI-powered call noise reduction, these earbuds provide an enhanced audio experience. They come in Night Blue and Morning White variants, appealing to varied tastes.


Extended Battery Life: Vivo pledges up to 30 hours of battery life on a single charge, with the earbuds themselves lasting up to 6 hours. The USB Type-C port facilitates convenient charging.


Robust Features: Sporting an IP54 dust and water protection rating, these earbuds ensure durability. Moreover, they support multiple Bluetooth codecs including AAC, SBC, and LC3, catering to diverse audio preferences.




Model Number: CAR W29

Design: Semi in-ear

Audio Drivers: 14.2mm drivers

Sound Enhancement: DeepX 3.0 stereo effects, 3D panoramic audio

Latency: 55ms low latency

Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.3 with a 10-meter range

Noise Reduction: AI-powered call noise reduction

Battery Life: Up to 30 hours (including charging case)

Color Variants: Night Blue and Morning White

Additional Features: USB Type-C, IP54 rating for dust and water protection, support for AAC, SBC, LC3 codecs


Certification Details, Pricing, and Availability

The earbuds gained prominence after appearing in Indonesia’s SDPPI certification, hinting at an imminent global launch. The initial Chinese pricing stands at 149 Yuan, making them an affordable yet feature-rich audio solution.


Vivo plans to roll out the TWS Air 2 globally, promising an accessible and premium audio experience for users worldwide. The availability in international markets is eagerly anticipated following the certification, positioning these earbuds as a promising addition to Vivo’s global audio portfolio. Stay tuned for official announcements regarding pricing and availability in your region.

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