Inside Look: Google Pixel 8a – Leaked Features, Sleek Design, and Launch Expectations Unveiled


Google’s upcoming flagship, the Pixel 8a, has made waves in the tech sphere with leaked images of its dummy units, unveiled by prominent leakers No Name and xleaks7. These snapshots provide an early insight into the design and features of the much-anticipated Pixel 8a.


Aluminum dummy of #Google #Pixel8a

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Key Features and Highlights


Design Transformation: The Pixel 8a exudes a refined design language, characterized by a more rounded and sleeker profile than its predecessor. Its dimensions, measuring at 153.44 x 72.74 x 8.94mm, promise a slender and elongated form factor, setting it apart in the Pixel series.


Display and Camera Precision: The dummy units affirm the continued inclusion of a punch-hole selfie camera, accompanied by noticeable bezels on the front. The rear panel highlights Google’s distinctive camera bar, housing two sensors and a flash, likely enhancing photographic capabilities.


Familiar Functionality: Maintaining consistency with previous Pixel models, the Pixel 8a exhibits the trademark power button and volume rocker on its right side, delivering a familiar and user-friendly interface.




Dimensions: 153.44 x 72.74 x 8.94mm

Design: Rounded and Sleeker Build

Display: Punch-hole Selfie Camera, Notable Bezels

Camera: Rear Camera Bar with Two Sensors and Flash

Functionality: Familiar Power Button and Volume Rocker


Anticipated Release and Expectations

Enthusiasts eagerly await the official unveiling and launch of the Google Pixel 8a, slated for the first half of 2024. Despite the absence of a confirmed release date, the leaked dummy unit images have piqued curiosity, generating heightened anticipation for further disclosures in the near future. Stay tuned for more updates on Google’s latest technological marvel, the Pixel 8a.

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