Exclusive Launch: PTron Reflect MaxPro and Reflect Flash Smartwatches Unveiled with Advanced Features Under Rs 1,500


pTron, known for its tech-savvy yet cost-effective gadgets, has unveiled the Reflect MaxPro and Reflect Flash smartwatches in India. These ‘Made in India‘ wearables are attractively priced at below Rs 1,500, offering stylish designs and multiple color choices, making them a compelling option for users seeking affordable smartwatches.


Product Information

PTron, a brand synonymous with cutting-edge yet budget-friendly gadgets, has launched two new smartwatches – the Reflect MaxPro and Reflect Flash – designed to cater to the evolving needs of tech-savvy consumers. These smartwatches, proudly ‘Made in India,’ showcase an amalgamation of style, functionality, and affordability, marking PTron’s foray into the smartwatch market.


Key Points or Features

Reflect MaxPro:


Display: Sporting a 2.05-inch display, offering optimal screen real estate for enhanced visibility.

Battery Life: Provides an impressive 15-day standby time, ensuring sustained usage without frequent recharging.

Functional Crown: Enabling smoother interactions and an intuitive user experience.

Health and Fitness Tracking: Offers round-the-clock health monitoring, diverse sports modes, and a comprehensive sleep tracker.

Design: Showcasing a sleek metal frame design for durability and an elegant appearance.


Reflect Flash:


Display: Comes with a 1.32-inch full-touch 2.5D curved display, providing seamless navigation and usage.

Battery Life: Offers up to 10 days of standby time, ensuring extended usability between charges.

Advanced Features: Introduces a full-touch display, flexible TPU strap, and swift emergency call and alerts (SOS).

Compatibility: Provides quick access to various social media apps for added convenience.

Design: Features a zinc alloy full metal case for a premium look and robustness.




Display: 2.01-inch 2.5D curved (Reflect MaxPro), 1.32-inch full touch 2.5D curved (Reflect Flash), 600 nits peak brightness, 60 Hz refresh rate.

Design: Functional crown, metal frame (Reflect MaxPro), Zinc alloy full metal case, flexible TPU strap (Reflect Flash).

Battery: Offers up to five days with a 3-hour full charge (Reflect MaxPro), and up to 10 days of standby time (Reflect Flash).

Features: Bluetooth calling, 24/7 health monitoring, sports modes, sleep tracker, and a diverse selection of over 100 watch faces.


Pricing and Availability


Reflect MaxPro: Priced attractively at Rs 999, available in six color options – Black, Gold, Blue, Silver, Pink, and Green.

Reflect Flash: Priced slightly higher at Rs 1,399, offering four color choices – Black, Blue, Gold, and Silver.

Availability: Both smartwatches are set to hit the Indian market on November 18, offering consumers an affordable yet feature-rich wearable option.


PTron’s Reflect MaxPro and Reflect Flash smartwatches aim to cater to the growing demand for smart wearable devices in India, providing users with innovative features at an accessible price point. With a focus on functionality, style, and affordability, these smartwatches signify PTron’s commitment to delivering quality tech solutions to its consumers.

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