IDC Report: India’s PC Market Soars with 4.5 Million Units in Q3 2023, Registering its Highest Quarter Yet


India’s PC market witnessed an unprecedented surge in Q3 2023, achieving a milestone by recording its highest-ever quarterly shipments. The International Data Corporation (IDC) revealed that over 4.5 million computers, spanning laptops, notebooks, and desktops, were sold during this quarter.


Growth Dynamics


Total Market Growth: The Indian PC market observed a remarkable 14% year-over-year (YoY) growth in Q3 2023, marking a substantial upswing from the 3.9 million units sold in the corresponding period last year.


Category Performance: Notably, the notebook category displayed a commendable 13.1% YoY growth, while the desktop segment exhibited an even more substantial growth rate of 19.3%.


Commercial and Consumer Segments


Consumer Segment Surge: The consumer segment experienced a noteworthy 26.3% YoY growth, buoyed by the successful implementation of the Gujarat education project, which contributed to an impressive 117.5% YoY growth in the education segment.


Channel Dynamics: The eTailer channel saw a significant resurgence with a 26.4% YoY growth, rebounding after four consecutive declines, specifically gearing up for festival sales.


Market Leaders and Their Trajectories


HP Inc.: Securing a commanding market share of 29.4%, HP topped both commercial and consumer segments. The vendor witnessed a substantial 33.5% YoY growth in the commercial sector marking its most significant consumer quarter.


Lenovo: Holding the second spot with a 17% share, Lenovo experienced marginal YoY shipment declines but displayed robust growth in the desktop category, up by 32.5% in 3Q23.


Dell Technologies: Despite some market share loss due to limited stocking strategies, Dell held a 14.6% share and witnessed a remarkable 68.5% YoY growth in the consumer segment.


ASUS: Surging past Acer, ASUS secured the fourth position with a 12.5% share, shipping over 500k units in the consumer segment for the first time and exhibiting substantial YoY growth.


Acer Group: Despite sliding to the fifth position, Acer showcased strong YoY growth, particularly in the consumer segment, marking its most significant consumer quarter ever.


Outlook and Future Perspectives

Navkendar Singh from IDC highlighted the substantial push observed in the consumer and SME segments. The focus is now directed towards augmenting local assembly practices, anticipated to align with government and education preferences. However, concerns loom over a projected decline of over 20% YoY in the enterprise segment for 2023.


This significant milestone in India’s PC market signifies a changing landscape and an evolving strategy, positioning the country as a critical player in the global tech sphere.


VIA @ IDC Report

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