OnePlus 10th Anniversary: Unveiling OnePlus 12 at Grand Celebration Event in December


The OnePlus 12, poised for its grand debut at OnePlus’s 10th Anniversary celebration, promises a blend of cutting-edge technology and revolutionary features. With its highly anticipated launch on the horizon, let’s delve into the key aspects that define this upcoming flagship.


Key Points or Features:


Anniversary Debut: The OnePlus 12 is set to mark OnePlus’s 10th Anniversary, with the unveiling scheduled for the momentous occasion.


Confirmed Launch Date: The celebratory event is scheduled for December 4 in Shenzhen, commencing at 7 PM (UTC+08:00), where OnePlus enthusiasts can witness the grand reveal.


Teased Specifications: While OnePlus has hinted at certain specifications, the complete feature set remains under wraps, fostering anticipation and excitement for the device’s official unveiling.


Certification Details:

Global Certifications: The OnePlus 12 has garnered certifications from various authorities, including Thailand’s NBTC, China’s CQC, and UAE’s TDRA, hinting at its global launch prospects.


Certification Benefits: These certifications offer insights into the device’s fast charging capabilities and confirmations of its official moniker, fueling anticipation for a swift global release.



Display Technology: Equipped with BOE X1 OLED display panel, complemented by Oppo’s P1 display chip, and DisplayMate’s A+ certification, ensuring superior brightness, eye protection, and exceptional image quality.


Processor: The OnePlus 12 packs the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC, constructed on TSMC’s 4nm architecture, incorporating a high-performance blend of Cortex cores for unparalleled efficiency.


Camera Innovations: Collaborating with Sony’s LYTIA, OnePlus aims to introduce an industry-leading sensor, promising advancements in camera technology. Leaks suggest an impressive camera setup comprising a 50MP primary sensor, a 50MP ultra-wide-angle lens, and a 64MP telephoto sensor with OIS for outstanding clarity and zoom capabilities.


The OnePlus 12, poised to redefine smartphone innovation, teases a host of groundbreaking features and specifications, hinting at an exceptional device that could set new benchmarks in the mobile industry.

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