Insta360 Launches Ace and Ace Pro Action Cameras: Leica Lenses, AI Features, and Market Competition!


Insta360 sets a new benchmark in the action camera domain with the launch of its Ace and Ace Pro models. These cutting-edge devices, co-engineered with Leica, promise advanced AI features and Leica-tuned lenses to compete fiercely against industry leaders like DJI Osmo Action 4 and GoPro Hero 12 Black.



Key Points:


Insta360 Ace and Ace Pro Launch Highlights:


Expansion of Action Camera Lineup: Insta360 introduces Ace and Ace Pro to diversify its action camera range.


Leica Partnership: Co-engineered with Leica, promising advanced optics and imaging capabilities.


Competitive Market Positioning: Aiming to challenge industry leaders like DJI Osmo Action 4 and GoPro Hero 12 Black.




Design & Display:

Flip touchscreen of 2.4 inches.

Co-engineered Leica lenses.


Camera Capabilities:

Ace: Equipped with a Leica Summarit lens, 1/2-inch sensor, f/2.4 aperture, 16mm focal length.

Ace Pro: Features a larger 1/1.3-inch sensor, f/2.6 aperture, 16mm focal length.


Video & Imaging:

Ace: Records up to 6K at 30fps, 48-megapixel images, 4K videos at 120fps.

Ace Pro: Supports up to 8K videos at 24fps, 48-megapixel images, 4K videos at 120fps.


Storage & Expansion:

MicroSD card support up to 1TB for both models.


AI Features:

Powered by a 5nm AI processor, integrating AI Highlights Assitant, AI Warp, and more for enhanced editing.


Functionalities & Modes:

Includes free-frame video, slow motion, timelapse, HDR, gesture control, voice control, and more.


Durability & Battery:

Water-resistant up to 10 meters, expandable to 60 meters with the Dive Case.

Ace Pro: 1,650mAh battery, 46-minute full charge with 30W charger.

Ace: 1,700mAh battery, 70-minute full charge with 15W charger.


Compatibility & Connectivity:

Support for iOS devices (Bionic A12, iOS 12 or newer) and select Android devices (Snapdragon 855, Exynos 2200, Kirin 990 or newer with Android 10 or above).


Availability & Accessories:

Available globally through select retailers, Amazon, and

Offered with various kits like Creator Kit, Motorcycle Kit, Cycling Kit, etc., priced up to $686 (~Rs 57,200).


Size & Weight:

Both models: Measure 71.9 x 52.15 x 38.5mm and weigh 176.8 grams.


Pricing & Availability:

Insta360 Ace: Priced at $449.99 (~Rs 37,000).

Insta360 Ace Pro: Priced at $546.99 (~Rs 45,500).

Kits & Accessories: Various kits available, reaching up to $686 (~Rs 57,200).

Availability: Global availability through select retailers, Amazon, and


Conclusion Points:


Competitive Pricing: Competitive pricing for high-end features, offering value against industry competitors.


Advanced Optics: Leica-engineered lenses promise exceptional imaging and video quality.


AI-Powered Editing: Integrated AI features like AI Warp, AI Highlight Assistant enhance editing capabilities.


Diverse Functionalities: Versatile functionalities including slow motion, timelapse, and HDR, catering to diverse creative needs.


Durability & Battery Life: Water-resistant build up to 10 meters, extended battery life catering to extended usage.


Wide Device Compatibility: Compatibility with both iOS and select Android devices ensures accessibility to a broader user base.


Accessory Versatility: Offering various kits and accessories, providing customization options for different user preferences.


Global Availability: Widely accessible through various online and retail channels, making it feasible for global consumers to acquire.


Insta360 Ace and Ace Pro action cameras amalgamate cutting-edge technology with user-friendly functionalities, aiming to cater to both professional and enthusiast needs in the action camera realm. With a blend of top-notch features, advanced imaging capabilities, and a competitive pricing strategy, Insta360 sets a strong foothold in the fiercely competitive action camera market.

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