VMoto CPx Explorer: Unveiling Electric Adventure Scooter Innovation at EICMA 2023


VMoto, a prominent player in the electric mobility domain, recently unveiled the CPx Explorer at EICMA 2023, expanding its footprint into the electric scooter market. This new addition represents a fusion of innovation, style, and performance, catering to the growing demand for eco-friendly commuting solutions.


Key Points/Features


Design and Collaboration:


Developed in collaboration with Pininfarina, the CPx Explorer flaunts a striking design marked by LED lighting and bold angular contours.


Features a tall windscreen for enhanced rider comfort, coupled with practical scooter elements like a flat floorboard and a rear luggage rack.




Powered by an eight-kilowatt electric motor, generating around 11 horsepower for swift acceleration and agility on city roads and beyond.


Capable of achieving speeds of up to 65 mph, catering to urban commuting and occasional longer trips.


Offers a commendable range of approximately 62 miles on a single charge, making it suitable for daily use and extended adventures.


Reliability and Impact:


Inherits the reliability and robustness of its predecessor, the CPx Pro, celebrated for its Guinness World Record achievement of covering 1,200 miles in 24 hours.


Positions itself as a trailblazer, signaling a paradigm shift towards electric-powered adventure scooters.




Motor: Eight-kilowatt electric motor

Speed: Up to 65 mph

Range: Approximately 62 miles on a single charge

Collaboration: Designed in collaboration with Pininfarina


Pricing and Availability

VMoto has yet to disclose pricing and availability details for the CPx Explorer. Enthusiasts eagerly awaiting this electric adventure scooter are encouraged to stay updated for release announcements and market availability.


The CPx Explorer sets a new benchmark in the electric scooter realm, amalgamating futuristic design, commendable performance, and reliability. As VMoto’s latest endeavor, it promises an exhilarating riding experience, underscoring the brand’s commitment to pioneering eco-friendly and innovative mobility solutions.

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