Infinix Note 40 Pro Receives Bluetooth SIG Certification, Set for December Launch


Infinix enthusiasts have something to look forward to as the brand teases a new lineup of devices slated for release in various markets. Amidst the excitement, the Infinix Smart 8 HD has a confirmed launch date of December 8. Additionally, the Hot 40i, Hot 40, and Hot 40 Pro models have made appearances on multiple platforms like Google Play Console, Bluetooth SIG, and FCC, hinting at a probable debut sometime in December. Adding to this array of upcoming devices is the Infinix Note 40 Pro, recently certified by Bluetooth SIG, sparking anticipation for its potential December launch.


Key Points & Features:


Upcoming Infinix Devices: Infinix is set to launch several new devices, including the Infinix Smart 8 HD and Hot 40 series, anticipated to debut in December.


Note 40 Pro Certification: The Infinix Note 40 Pro recently obtained Bluetooth SIG certification, signaling its imminent launch, possibly in December.


Certification Details: The Bluetooth certification reveals the model number X6580 and Bluetooth 5.3 support for the Note 40 Pro, typically a precursor to an official launch.


Focus on Charging Capabilities: Previous models, like the Note 30, emphasized charging features, hinting at potential advancements in charging technology for the Note 40 Pro to enhance user experience.


Upcoming Hot Series: The Hot 40i, Hot 40, and Hot 40 Pro will feature varying chipsets and memory configurations, along with different display resolutions, running on XOS-based Android 13.


Infinix Buds NC: The Infinix Buds NC earbuds, approved by Bluetooth SIG, are also expected to accompany the upcoming device launches.


Certification Details & Conclusion:

The Infinix Note 40 Pro received the Bluetooth SIG certification with the model number X6580, indicating its readiness for an upcoming launch. This certification often precedes the official release of a device. However, no specific details beyond its Bluetooth 5.3 support were revealed, leaving much of the device’s features and specifications undisclosed.


In conclusion, the article suggests that Infinix is gearing up for multiple launches, including the Infinix Note 40 Pro, alongside other models like the Smart 8 HD, Hot 40i, Hot 40, and Hot 40 Pro. While specifics about the Note 40 Pro remain elusive, the anticipation builds for its potential release, likely focusing on notable improvements in charging capabilities and possibly introducing innovative fast-charging technology.

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