JioCinema’s Monumental Triumph: Breaks Records with 12.6 Crore Viewers in Epic India vs. Australia T20 Clash!


JioCinema, the popular Indian streaming service under Reliance Jio Platforms, reached a groundbreaking milestone with a staggering viewership of 12.6 crore during the recent T20 clash between India and Australia on November 26. This remarkable achievement established a new pinnacle for cricket streaming in India, surpassing its previous record of 2.7 crore viewers.



Key Points:


Milestone Achieved: JioCinema, the flagship streaming platform from Reliance Jio Platforms, hit an astonishing high with 12.6 crore viewers during the recent India vs. Australia T20 match. This incredible surge breaks its own record, previously set at 2.7 crore viewers, marking a historic milestone in Indian cricket streaming history!


Triumph Amid Challenges: Despite a hiccup during a previous match that caused a temporary glitch on the app, resulting in widespread frustration among users, JioCinema bounced back stronger, delivering an unforgettable cricketing experience for millions.


A Tale of Triumph: Buoyed by their recent victory, the Indian team showcased remarkable performances by skipper Yadav and Rinku Singh, asserting their prowess and setting the stage for thrilling encounters in the ongoing series.


Witness History Unfold: JioCinema’s colossal viewership, combined with the adrenaline-packed on-field action, promises an enthralling journey for cricket aficionados. Stay tuned for more riveting clashes and nail-biting moments in this high-stakes cricket extravaganza!



The clash between India and Australia wasn’t just a battle on the field; it became a historic moment for JioCinema, attracting a staggering 12.6 crore viewers. Despite a minor hiccup earlier, the platform surged ahead, treating countless fans to an unforgettable cricketing spectacle.


As this cricketing saga unfolds, the intense competition, coupled with JioCinema’s soaring viewership, promises an incredible journey for cricket lovers. Get ready for more mesmerizing moments and thrilling encounters in the riveting saga of India vs. Australia T20 cricket!

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