Exclusive Offer Alert: Airtel and Jio Prepaid Plans Now Include Free Netflix Subscriptions and Unlimited 5G Data


Airtel and Jio, the leading telecom giants in India, have announced groundbreaking prepaid plans that include free subscriptions to Netflix, the popular streaming service. This move signifies a shift, considering Netflix bundles were initially exclusive to postpaid plans. The prepaid plans not only introduce access to Netflix but also incorporate unlimited 5G data, a significant step as both providers spearhead the 5G revolution in the country.


Key Points & Features:


Airtel’s Prepaid Plan:

Price: Rs. 1,499 with a validity of 84 days.

Data: 3GB of daily 4G data, unlimited voice calls, and unlimited 5G data in 5G-enabled areas.

Netflix Access: Free Netflix Basic subscription, allowing content streaming on one device at a time.

Additional Perks: Free access to Airtel Hello Tunes.


Jio’s Prepaid Plans:

Plans: Rs. 1,099 and Rs. 1,499, both with a validity of 84 days.

Data: The Rs. 1,099 plan offers 2GB daily 5G data, while the Rs. 1,499 plan offers 3GB.

Features: Unlimited voice calls, 100 SMS per day, and unlimited 5G data in supported areas.

Netflix Subscription: Includes Netflix Basic subscription for streaming content on a single device.


Industry Transformation:

Telecom Milestone: Airtel and Jio introduce Netflix bundles on prepaid plans, previously exclusive to postpaid subscriptions.

5G Integration: Significance of offering unlimited 5G data on prepaid plans, advancing the 5G revolution in India.

Accessible Streaming: Enabling prepaid users to access Netflix content seamlessly across devices.


Competitive Edge:

Response to Rivalry: Airtel’s and Jio’s move signifies competitive responses in the telecom sector.

Enhanced Offerings: The expansion of prepaid plans to include premium Netflix subscriptions amplifies customer benefits.



Airtel and Jio’s strategic moves to offer Netflix bundles on their prepaid plans represent a significant shift in India’s telecom landscape. The introduction of these prepaid packages, complete with Netflix subscriptions, marks a departure from the prior exclusivity of such offerings to postpaid plans.


With both telecom giants vying for consumer attention, the incorporation of free Netflix access, alongside unlimited 5G data, showcases their commitment to enhancing user experience and embracing the 5G revolution.


This transformation not only democratizes premium content streaming but also intensifies competition in the telecom industry, ultimately benefiting consumers by expanding their options for accessing high-quality entertainment and 5G services through prepaid subscriptions.

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