Tata’s Rs 5,000 Crore Investment Fuels Hosur Facility’s iPhone Manufacturing Expansion, Envisioning 28,000 New Jobs


The Tata Group is poised for an expansive leap in its iPhone-casing manufacturing venture at the Hosur facility in India. The potential expansion, doubling the existing plant’s size and covering 500 acres, is projected to employ over 15,000 individuals initially and potentially create between 25,000 to 28,000 new jobs. An initial investment of Rs 5,000 crore was made into this facility, signaling a substantial commitment to the venture.


Key Points:


Tata’s Ambitious Expansion in iPhone Manufacturing at Hosur Facility


Employment Boost: Tata’s Hosur facility expansion anticipates creating 25,000 to 28,000 new jobs, augmenting the current workforce.


Facility Growth: The potential expansion plans indicate a doubling in the size of the current plant, covering an expansive 500 acres of land.


Initial Investment: Tata Group committed an initial investment of Rs 5,000 crore into the Hosur facility, highlighting their dedication to this venture.


Strategic Intentions and Expertise Enhancement


Broader Manufacturing Scope: Tata Electronics seeks to enhance its presence in high-end electronics manufacturing, leveraging the acquired iPhone assembly plant to accelerate its growth.


Focus on Apple Phones: The new plant is primarily geared towards producing components for Apple phones, with the potential to cater to other high-end phone manufacturers, showcasing flexibility and diversification.


Tata’s Strategic Move and Apple’s India Focus


Leading Domestic Manufacturer: Tata’s acquisition of Wistron’s iPhone assembly plant positions it as a premier domestic iPhone manufacturer in India.


Apple’s Diversification Strategy: Apple’s shift towards Indian manufacturing aligns with its strategy to diversify beyond China and tap into the burgeoning Indian market, emphasized by CEO Tim Cook.


India’s Growth Trajectory in Electronics Market


Market Surge: Reports highlight India’s growing electronics market, with Counterpoint showing a surge in sales during the June-September quarter, notably contrasting the overall market stagnation.


Apple’s Performance: In India, Apple showcased a robust 34% year-on-year growth rate, achieving a milestone of over 2.5 million unit shipments in Q3 2023, reflecting the potential of the Indian market.



Tata’s significant investment and Apple’s strategic focus underscore India’s escalating role in high-end electronics production. This expansion not only signifies growth for both companies but also emphasizes the promising future of India’s electronics sector.


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