boAt Unveils Immortal Katana Blade Gaming Earbuds: Stylish Design, Exclusive Features, and Special Pricing at Rs 2,299!


boAt, a prominent name in audio and wearables, has recently launched its latest marvel, the Immortal Katana Blade gaming earbuds, priced at an attractive Rs 2,299 in India. These new true wireless earbuds boast a sleek and captivating design, aiming to redefine the gaming audio experience for enthusiasts.


Key Points:


Launch & Pricing: boAt introduces the Immortal Katana Blade gaming earbuds in India at a competitive price of Rs 2,299, aimed at enhancing the gaming experience with a sleek design.


Design Inspiration: Inspired by the iconic Katana Blade, these earbuds feature a metal glider design, replicating the sound of unsheathing a sword, elevating the immersive gaming experience.


Appealing to Gamers: Offering a blend of style and utility, the earbuds with customizable RGB lights and ergonomic design aim to complement gamers’ unique setups and preferences.


Features & Specifications:


Distinctive Design: The earbuds boast a metal glider design inspired by the Katana Blade, providing an immersive sound experience upon opening and closing.


Battery Life: Providing up to 50 hours of playback time, the ASAP Charge technology offers 180 minutes of playback with just a 10-minute charge.


Customizable RGB LEDs: Users can personalize the RGB lights to match their mood or gaming style, adding a unique touch to their gaming ambiance.


Low Latency Beast Mode: With a super-low latency of 50ms, the earbuds aim to enhance gaming sessions, ensuring minimal delays in audio output.


Audio Performance: Equipped with 13mm drivers powered by boAt Signature Sound, Bluetooth v5.3, and Instant Wake-N-Pair technology, delivering high-quality audio.


Gamer-centric Features: Sporting an IPX4 rating for sweat and water resistance, along with an ergonomic design for prolonged gaming comfort.


Availability: The earbuds are available in gunmetal black and grey variants, presently offered at a special price of Rs 2,299 through and, down from the listed price of Rs 3,999.


Pricing & Availability:

boAt’s Immortal Katana Blade gaming earbuds have stormed into the Indian market, priced attractively at Rs 2,299. Available in gunmetal black and grey variants, these earbuds are presently on offer at a discounted rate from their listed price of Rs 3,999. Enthusiasts keen on immersing themselves in the gaming realm can acquire these earbuds via and



As boAt unfurls its latest innovation, the Immortal Katana Blade gaming earbuds, gaming enthusiasts find themselves at the brink of a transformative auditory journey. Inspired by the legacy of the Katana Blade, these earbuds are not just about style but also about unleashing the warrior within every gamer.


With a design echoing the iconic unsheathing of a sword, customizable RGB lights, and low-latency technology, boAt’s offering promises to elevate gaming sessions to unprecedented heights. Moreover, the ergonomic build and sweat-resistant features ensure comfort during prolonged gaming endeavors.


Priced competitively and presently available at a special rate, the Immortal Katana Blade earbuds beckon gamers to dive into an immersive and enhanced gaming soundscape. In the realm of gaming accessories, boAt’s offering stands tall, inviting gamers to step into a world where style meets functionality, where every slide of the earbuds mirrors the spirit of a warrior’s blade.

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