Amazfit Balance Launched in India: Specs, Pricing, and More Details Revealed


Amazfit has unveiled its latest offering in the Indian market, the Amazfit Balance smartwatch. This premium device, first launched globally in September, joins the league of top-tier smartwatches, boasting an array of sophisticated specifications and features. Designed to prioritize holistic wellness, it delves into understanding both the body and mind, positioning itself against competitors such as the Galaxy Watch 6, Apple, and Garmin smartwatches.


Key Points:


Launch: Amazfit introduced the Amazfit Balance, a holistic wellness-focused smartwatch in India.


Debut: This smartwatch made its global debut in September, aiming to compete with leading smartwatch brands like Galaxy Watch 6, Apple, and Garmin.


Focus: It emphasizes holistic wellness, offering a comprehensive understanding of body and mind health.


Features: It boasts a range of fitness tracking sensors, health metrics monitoring, sports modes, and smart functionalities.


Price & Availability: Priced at Rs 24,999, available in Sunset Grey and Midnight colors, sales commence on December 4 via Amazfit’s website and Flipkart.


Features & Specifications:


Design: Circular smartwatch with a rotating dial and physical button, water-resistant up to 50 meters.


Display: 1.5-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 480 x 480 pixels, 60Hz refresh rate, and 1,500 nits peak brightness.


Health Monitoring: Dual LED and 8PD BioTracker 5 PPG sensors for heart rate and SpO2 monitoring. Offers insights into sleep patterns and Body Composition analysis for various metrics.


Sports & Fitness: Multiple sports modes, Zepp Coach for personalized training plans, built-in GPS for outdoor activities.


Smart Features: 4GB onboard storage for offline music, microphone, speaker for Bluetooth calls, Alexa voice assistant, Zepp OS 3 for smart functionalities.


Battery: 475mAh battery offering up to 14 days of typical usage.


Availability: Sunset Grey and Midnight colors, available from December 4 via Amazfit’s website and Flipkart.



The Amazfit Balance smartwatch emerges as a compelling contender in the dynamic world of wearables, especially in the domain of holistic wellness. With its holistic health tracking, advanced fitness features, and a comprehensive array of specifications, the device marks a significant stride in blending technology seamlessly with well-being.


One of its key strengths lies in the precision and depth of its health monitoring capabilities. Through the utilization of sophisticated sensors, it not only tracks basic metrics like heart rate and sleep patterns but delves into intricate details such as body composition, providing users with a more profound insight into their physical well-being.


Moreover, the Amazfit Balance isn’t solely about fitness tracking; it integrates seamlessly into daily life as a multifunctional companion. Whether it’s managing calls via Bluetooth, accessing Alexa voice assistance, or playing offline music, this smartwatch embodies a holistic approach by catering to various aspects of users’ lives.


The long-lasting battery life of up to 14 days adds a cherry on top, ensuring continuous support through daily activities, workouts, and more without the hassle of frequent charging.


With its elegant design and two distinctive color options, Sunset Grey and Midnight, the Amazfit Balance not only speaks to functionality but also to personal style preferences.


As it hits the market shelves on December 4, the Amazfit Balance is poised to carve its niche, offering consumers a blend of advanced technology, health-focused features, and smart functionalities, redefining the way wearables contribute to overall well-being.

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