Breaking News: Luxeed S9, Huawei’s Latest Electric SUV, Spotted During Testing in China


Huawei, in collaboration with Chery, has been on the fast track to innovate within the electric vehicle market. The recent sightings of the Luxeed S9, an all-electric fastback SUV, undergoing rigorous road tests in China, have sparked curiosity and anticipation among enthusiasts. This cutting-edge model follows the successful launch of the Luxeed S7 sedan and is poised to make its debut in the Chinese market by the second quarter of 2024.


Key Points:


Road Testing in China: The Luxeed S9, a fastback SUV developed by Huawei and Chery, was recently spotted undergoing road tests in China.


Successor to Luxeed S7: Following the launch of the Luxeed S7 sedan, the S9 is the next model in Huawei’s Luxeed series, slated to hit the Chinese market by Q2 2024.


Power and Performance: Equipped with Huawei-made electric motors, it’s expected to have a rear axle motor producing 215 kW (292 hp) and an optional 4WD variant with an additional front axle motor generating 150 kW (204 hp).


Battery Configurations: The Luxeed S9 offers three battery options: LFP for 62 kWh, M3P (NMC+LFP) for 82 kWh, and NMC for 100 kWh, each offering varied ranges.


Exterior and Interior Design: The SUV resembles the S7 sedan with LED headlights, a sloped bonnet line, and retractable door handles. Inside, it features a spacious cabin with a large floating touchscreen, LCD instrument panel, and other tech innovations.


Pricing and Market Position: Expected to compete with the Tesla Model Y in China, aiming for a competitive price range.


Features & Specifications:


Powertrain: Rear-mounted electric motor (215 kW), optional 4WD with front axle motor (150 kW).


Battery Options: LFP (62 kWh), M3P (82 kWh), NMC (100 kWh), offering varying ranges based on the battery type.


Exterior Design: LED headlights, sleek body profile, and a LiDAR sensor atop the roof.


Interior Design: Compact three-spoke steering wheel, integrated headrests, floating touchscreen, LCD instrument panel, Face ID sensors, and wireless charging pads.


Performance: Expected to offer a blend of performance and efficiency, aimed at challenging established electric SUVs in the market.


Pricing: Positioned competitively against rivals, especially the Tesla Model Y, to capture the market’s attention.


The Luxeed S9 SUV from Huawei is poised to make an impactful entry into the electric vehicle segment, combining cutting-edge technology, performance, and sleek design, positioning itself as a formidable competitor in the burgeoning electric SUV market.

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