Realme C67 5G: Anticipated Launch, Tipster Leaks, and Price Range Revealed in Teaser!


Realme India has stirred anticipation with a teaser hinting at an imminent smartphone launch in the country. This upcoming device is speculated to be the Realme C67, promising 5G network support. While retail box images have surfaced online, they provide no definitive insight into the phone’s specifications.


Realme’s Teaser: Realme India teases the launch of an upcoming smartphone, potentially the Realme C67, set to support 5G networks.


Retail Box Leak: Images of the retail box surface online, affirming the phone’s 5G compatibility but withholding specific details about the Realme C67.


Realme C-Series Success: Realme’s C-series has been a hit in the budget segment, with exclusive reports suggesting the imminent arrival of the Realme C67 5G model in India.


Tipster Insights: Renowned tipster Mukul Sharma shares exclusive insights about the Realme C67’s impending launch, offering a first look at the phone’s retail packaging.


[Exclusive] Can confirm that the Realme C67 5G is launching soon in India. In all likelihood, the device will launch in the country as early as this month. Meanwhile, here’s an exclusive image of the Realme C67 5G retail box.#Realme #RealmeC67

— Mukul Sharma (@stufflistings) December 5, 2023






Network Support: 5G connectivity confirmed via leaked retail box.


Expected Variants: Anticipated RAM options include 4GB, 6GB, and 8GB, all potentially paired with 128GB internal storage.


Color Options: Speculated colors for the Realme C67 are Green and Purple.


Pricing Range: The expected price range lies between Rs 12,000 to Rs 15,000, positioning it as an affordable 5G option in India.


Tipster Insights Details:

Renowned tipster Mukul Sharma exclusively shared insights about the imminent arrival of the Realme C67 in India. Alongside this revelation, he provided an exclusive sneak peek at the phone’s retail packaging, offering a first glimpse into the device’s design and branding. While this leak showcased the retail box’s confirmation of 5G support, detailed specifications and additional information about the Realme C67’s features were not disclosed, leaving room for further anticipation and speculation ahead of the official launch.

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